What am I going to be paid?

Top pay is great reason to travel as a healthcare professional. More often than not, traveling pays better than full time, permanent positions. In addition to this higher pay, there are added benefits associated with traveling, such as tax incentives in the form of “per diems.” But how much is more or higher? Why aren’t companies telling me an exact rate with a job opening?
When our travelers ask us about pay rates upfront, we have a hard time answering this since most of our facilities are set up on a pay scale range. There isn’t one set rate for a discipline nationwide. We can quote an average pay rate and definitely want to float around this number, if not higher. However, where your pay falls exactly in this range is determined by multiple factors. Each facility has a different budget or urgency. A job that has a ton of submittals makes it harder to push a higher rate. Hence, this is why Iowa jobs tend to pay more than Colorado. As well, each Candidate has unique skills or experience to command a certain rate.
We prefer not to quote in advance since we would have to under estimate to ensure we can cover all costs to pay you that rate. We don’t want to do this! We want to give you every dollar possible. After an interview, if the facility wants to bring you on board, Anders Group gets to work with the facility to get an exact offer within contract pay range. We wait until after the call, instead of before, since it tends to help drive up the number offered. Your recruiter will be negotiating on your behalf to get the best overall pay package possible knowing your experience, the demands of the market, etc. We are thankful to be able to continue to successfully push for great rates for our travelers!
Something to be aware of while looking at agencies are those offering laptops, iPads, paid time off, or even vacations, etc. Since your pay is derived from a fixed rate, these “perks” translate into a higher company cost/burden which means less pay for the traveler to cover those costs. Cash is king to most of our travelers and we prefer to pay more up front. We can be flexible though and if you just have to have that new iPad or need to have paid time off, and want us to work that in, we can. We want to help you have the best assignment for you and your needs!

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