Health Insurance- What does Anders Group Offer?

Anders Group is thankful to be able to offer currently day one medical benefits to our full time travel contractors. We offer health, dental, and vision insurance. In addition, employer paid STD and LTD coverage. We have a variety of plans available depending on what coverage needs you may have. Please contact our team for a summary of benefits since coverage options change yearly based on insurance provider changes. We can send you the most up to date list of coverage choices to review.
Anders Group open enrollment period is in April. At this time, current travelers can make any elective changes. Travelers can still make changes during other times of the year, but it must be a qualifying event. For specific questions on making changes or what is a qualifying event, please reach out to our corporate office.
Anders Group does not offer “free” health insurance since many of our travelers don’t elect for benefit coverage. For staffing agencies to provide “free” premiums, they still have this health insurance cost for their travelers and similar bill rates, so they roll this health cost into automatically into their company burden. This in turn means they pay a bit less per hour with the same bill rate from the facility to the traveler to cover those costs. Since a lot of travelers have other coverage options, Anders Group does not want to automatically assume this cost for our travelers. Anders Group gives travelers a choice to select a plan that best fits their needs, and if they don’t need it, they can make more per hour by not having this cost. For the coverage options, if our traveler is not at a life point where they are focused on health coverage, they can select a lower priced premium for a higher deductible. Or on the opposite end, they can select higher premium option for lower deductible.
Also, we want to note that Anders Group health insurance coverage is monthly. If a traveler has time off scheduled between assignments that may run over into a new month, but not yet working, they can elect to prepay premiums to cover that time off period for continuous health coverage. Your recruiter can help set this up.
If you have any additional questions regarding our health benefits, please call us anytime. At Anders Group, we work hard to try and provide the most options and benefits to our team!

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