A Different Approach to Staffing – What does this mean?

Anders Group has a different approach to staffing. Most companies see the number of placements as the business goal. They are all about quantity not quality, and everyone is a number. Here is where our approach is different. We hope that through quality placements we are successful, but our focus is always on the people. We are so thankful for our amazing travelers and facilities we partner with!

We want to help you find the perfect match (not just any match). People are our focus by getting to know our travelers and facilities, and encouraging openness. We want to know all search preferences or job details. We don’t want to force a placement. We want both parties to feel they have found the right opportunity and excited for it. As well, once an assignment has started, we keep in constant touch to ensure the placement is on track. If there any issues, we want to know immediately so we can find the best solution.

We work for our travelers and facilities like we would want someone to work for ourselves. If there are no jobs in a preferred location, Anders Group will conduct an in depth search to find any new leads or options. If there are no candidates available for a job opening, we will use all mediums to try and find that candidate. We send out jobs immediately and know that timing is important to snagging those great assignments. We also are thankful to get priority on a lot of job openings because of our great team of travelers and successful placements. This view and approach to staffing has helped us to quickly become a leader and preferred agency.

We hope our team of travelers and facilities see this difference and for anyone looking into traveling, we hope you will let us show you too!

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