What Mentorship Program is available with Traveling and Anders Group?

We are thankful to attend nationwide conferences where we are able to interact with student Healthcare Professionals whom are interested in possibly traveling. We so often are asked “Is there a mentorship program?”

This can be a tricky answer. As a traveler, you are employed by Anders Group, but travelers become a team member wherever they accept a travel assignment too. For our travelers, we want to ensure resources are available through Anders Group, specifically to new graduates looking at traveling. We have a clinical liaison on staff and a wonderful team of travelers that are always happy to help a fellow traveler. For any questions, we encourage very open communication to make sure all are answered. However, for actual mentorship, this needs to be hands on and thus from the facility. Alas, recruiters have not yet figured out how to travel with our therapists and must settle for living vicariously through your pictures and stories!

At Anders Group, we have staffed many new graduates that have had wonderful first assignments which have led to many years of travel contracts. The key to traveling as a new grad is a first assignment that does mentor and provide training/resources. Finding a travel contract that can mentor though can be tough and there are more limited options. Travelers are hired due to an urgent need and a facility willing to pay a much higher premium for a traveler to help. If an open position is receiving a lot of profiles for their job, you can understand the facility’s preference to not have to train or mentor, going for a more experienced traveler. This is why we encourage new grads to be very open on that first assignment. Tougher to fill positions are more willing to provide training, but they are probably tougher to fill more than likely due to location or setting. It is worth it to be open the first few travel contracts. 13 weeks goes by so fast and worth getting proper training. Hopefully there will be many more assignments in the future, so look at those less popular options, build up your resume, confidence, and skills. Then ideally Hawaii or those top travel jobs are not far off on the horizon!

To ensure training and mentoring as a new graduate, we are upfront with the client upon submittal, that the traveler is a new grad and will need training. We highlight your experience and need for support, so that before going forward with an interview, the facility must feel they are able to do so. During  the phone interview, mentoring and training schedule is discussed again directly between the facility and traveler. Lastly, upon an offer being made, Anders Group will again ask for details regarding the training program to ensure travelers have the support they need. No home health positions as the sole therapist!

Thus, Anders Group or any travel agency, can’t spell out a mentorship program as steps A-Z prior to submitting to a position. However, we will have a plan in place before an assignment is accepted by a new graduate. As a new graduate, you could end up at any of our hundreds of clients in any state so specifics of the mentorship plan will come, but we need a travel contract offer to know what that specific plan is. We do want to emphasize that mentoring is very important to us.  We want our new graduates to have an awesome first experience traveling, so that ideally they would want to continue to travel for many years to come.

If you do have any further questions on mentorship options as a new graduate, please call Anders Group anytime. New graduates are in such a great position to look at traveling opportunities. They can make a great pay rate to help with those school costs, plus can travel the nation and experience so much. Traveling allows new graduates to explore different settings and environments, to help them know with confidence when do eventually go perm, they have found the best fit for them!


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