May 2015 Graduates….So Starts Your Professional Journey. But wait, I don’t know what Path I Want to Take?!

Graduation is coming up.  You may be finishing up your last rotation and beginning to study for your certification exams or boards.  Whatever healthcare profession you may fall under, the job hunt is about to come into full swing.


For some, their clinical rotations will confirm what they already know and you have a clear path of what jobs to apply for.  While for others, it will only make the decision of what to do after graduation that much harder, not knowing exactly where they want to go next or where to make their permanent commitment to. This can be stressful.  However, I encourage you to see the glass half full and to seize the opportunity to try something new and continue to explore your options.  One of those options is traveling.


Contracting can serve as the ultimate networking tool.  Being a traveling healthcare professional you have the potential to work in a variety of settings with other professionals that will help to influence and mentor you as you continue on your professional quest.  It is okay to be unsure of what area or setting that you want to focus your entire profession on.  Working as a traveler allows you to see a variety of techniques and possibly help you realize what not to do on the job.   You have the ability to try different settings.  While the settings or department you work in may be the same as your previous assignment, you will come to learn that each assignment will be different depending on the team.   No two assignments will be exactly like the other.


Working as a contract healthcare professional has its pros and cons, but I can honestly say that I have rarely met a healthcare professional that has regretted traveling. Traveling gives you the opportunity to work and play at the same time, all while gaining a deeper understanding of your profession.  When our travelers start to make the transition to perm, they are generally confident in their decision.  Having experienced so much; they are considered to be well-rounded and sought after permanent hires.  Their previous assignments have helped to strengthen their skills and given them the confidence to recognize where the best permanent home for them is.


As you come to that professional fork in the road and you are still unsure of which direction your professional journey is headed; we hope you will consider traveling as your route to professional success.

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