I am interested in traveling. Now what?

We are excited to hopefully help you with the right travel opportunity! It is never too early to get connected with a recruiter. We typically submit and coordinate interviews about six weeks prior to a candidate’s start date, but long before that, we ideally have already connected to answer all questions you may have and stir up job leads in the locations you are interested in traveling to.

Traveling is a unique way of working so we want to make sure we help explain all aspects so when we do approach your ideal start date, we are ready to go. As well, we want to know where you hope to head to begin the search for travel options early, especially if not a travel hot spot we often hear candidate’s wanting to travel too. This early stage is also a good time to get to know the market. Some states, like Hawaii or Alaska, have a lot of travel opportunities but it takes a bit of luck to catch them at the right time. We usually like to have a back up options if starting by a certain date is most important, perhaps compared to location. We can help guide you thru the travel markets by state to see all possible opportunities for you.

Once you are in touch with a recruiter, we will get your search information to send job opportunities that could be a fit. As well, they will request your submittal information. Most facilities require a resume, skills checklist and 2 references to accept a submittal. And as a heads up, every so often, a facility may require a specialty item to view a profile. If the job does need these specialty items, we will let you know when submitting. We try to avoid you having to complete too much compliance until solid job offer so we wait on these specialty items since not as common. We have these on file so if you do give the green light to submit, we can move quickly since hot jobs go fast.

For the submitting timeline, six weeks from a candidate’s start date seems to be the soonest we see much movement on a submittal. The facility may have the need for longer but like to hold out to see if they can get someone to start asap since often they needed the traveler to start yesterday. Even at six weeks, they may want to wait until about 3-4 weeks out from your start, with the most success happening in that time frame. The exception might be very competitive travel jobs. If the facility gets a lot of resumes, start date helps move a candidate to the front of the pack. Some candidate’s prefer to wait until a smaller time window to their start date, in hopes that really “wow” job comes thru so they have the best chance to snag it out of all the submittals.

When we have a possible job fit and you want to submit, we will send your profile for review to the facility, after which they ideally do want to pursue a phone interview. Most of our interview process is over the phone since travelers are across the U.S. There is no commitment until you accept the offer so we encourage submitting to any possible options since we often have pretty limited details on travel positions upfront. The call is when candidates truly learn if the job could be a fit. Assignments are usually only 13 weeks but we want those 13 weeks to be great!

After the call, you will let your recruiter know if the job could be a fit, and any additional questions possibly not answered. Anders then also reaches out to the facility to see if they do want to offer. At this point is typically when negotiations also occur. We do prefer to try to set the exact rate until after the call since we tend to get those few extra dollars which we know are important! Most facilities have a range of rates for a job title, and negotiate based on urgency of the need, location, experience, etc. When candidates have had a great call, facilities seem to pay that little extra which can make a big difference over the contract. Anders Group will then present the offer to you to accept or decline. We hope a great offer you are excited to accept! If so, we then begin the compliance process and setting up necessary details for the assignment (travel, car rentals, housing, etc.). We then get to officially welcome you onto the Anders Group team!

If you do have questions on the process or getting started, our recruitment team is always here to help. Our contact information is 877-343-1607. Or you can review more information on this process to get started with Anders Group at https://www.andersgroup.org/best-travel-therapy-companies/getting-started/

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