How to Help Your Recruiter Help You!

When you first talk to your recruiter at Anders Group, we hope that you can notice the difference and see that we go the extra mile for our travelers. We work with lots of therapists, technicians, and nurses who are new to the travel lifestyle and those who have had less than stellar experiences with other agencies, so we understand what it takes to stand out from the rest and set you up in a great placement.

We emphasize having a good one-on-one relationship with our travelers and like any good relationship, the foundation to that relationship is honest and open communication. We are just recruiters, not mind readers haha! From the beginning, when we discuss your preferences regarding settings, cities/states, shifts, etc., we’re trying to figure out your perfect assignment. The more clear you can be about any options you would be open to (or not!), the better your recruiter will be able to match you with the right assignment. We will do whatever it takes to address concerns and cover any needs, but we need to hear them from you. So, if there’s ever a question or a concern, just ask! When travelers aren’t open about preferences or issues, it makes it more difficult for us to help find that perfect assignment.

We understand that our travelers have different needs when it comes to pay packages and benefits, which is why we are flexible and offer a myriad of options. Pay is definitely an important benefit of being a traveler and we want to make sure that your assignment will not only be a good fit, but also worth your while! Just be clear with your recruiter about your needs, no matter how specific, so we can make sure you have an enjoyable initial experience that will develop into a successful, long term relationship.

As part of that successful relationship, we will stay in touch once you’re on assignment, unlike some other agencies that seem to disappear the moment they place you. We always want to make sure things are going smoothly, so if there is ever an issue, please tell us! It’s seldom, but we understand that things can happen on assignment. We have experience resolving issues between facilities and travelers—this is part of your recruiter’s job, so let us handle any problems and save you the hassle!

As recruiters, we’re here to help you out, so the more honest you are with us when it comes to job and geographic preferences, pay and benefits, and any other issues, the better we can help!

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