Best Method of Communication

In this day and age, there are so many way great ways to communicate with each with other. We have come a long way from the days of snail mail, land lines, and answering machines. Cell phones, emails, and text messaging have made it very easy for everyone to stay in touch.

Here at the Anders Group, we go with what works best for our candidates. If you have a preference, always be sure to let your recruiter know. When we get a job that we know is right up your alley, we want to reach out immediately to let you know. Plus, we are in a competitive job market and want to make sure that we let you know as quickly as possible before a position is frozen or filled. We realize that with all the methods of communication available today, that it can get a little overwhelming or can miss the best medium for you. If you have a preference, please let your recruiter know. Some candidates prefer to email while some communicate 100% via text. Others like phone calls. Our typical format is to email, so you can full jobs details and seems easier to track. Then also text to prompt looking at that email since know probably busy throughout the day and not constantly on email. It is never our intention to bombard you with a barrage of text, emails, and voicemails so let us know what works for you.

We know time is precious and as much as we love emailing and texting, there will be times when you or your recruiter needs to speak with you on the phone. When that time comes, just let your recruiter know a time that works best. Texting and emailing don’t always convey emotion and sometimes an emoji just doesn’t cut it when you are telling us how much you love an assignment, or if you are interested in an assignment. Unless it is an emergency, let us know a good time that we can reach you at and will call then. Our team is flexible and open to evening calls since tough to discuss jobs while at work!

Modern communication makes traveling a whole lot easier, but it can also be overwhelming. Our goal is to find the best method for you, to snag those great openings as soon as they do open up!

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