Interview Process for Travelers

We have travel openings across the U.S. and candidates are often submitting for jobs out of state. Due to this, most of our traveler interviews occur over the phone. It can be tough to let a hiring manager know your personality and skill set only over the phone. We wanted to provide some tips and questions to make sure they get to know who you are and for them to see that you are the right candidate for the opening!


•When you submit to a position, your profile is shared with the facility and passed along to the decision maker for hiring on the opening. If your profile is a good fit for the team, ideally the facility then contacts Anders Group to coordinate a phone interview.
•However, sometimes this prearranged time does not happen. A facility may call you immediately upon receiving your profile, without notifying Anders of an exact call time. After submitting to a position, be prepared that any unknown phone numbers that reach out to you could possibly be an interview.
•If a time is coordinated for a call, please ensure you can be available during that time. If there a few candidates submitted, they might select someone before a new time can be arranged if they are calling multiple candidates in a row.
•If the facility calls without coordinating a time, answer the call only when you are available. If you are distracted or if there is a lot of background noise, this can make the overall call frustrating to the interviewer and will not leave them with the best memory of you as the ideal candidate.
•Also, ensure you have good cell reception. “Can you hear me now” can be another frustration to the interviewer.
•If you do miss the call and when you call back, you receive a voicemail, try to let the contact know your next time of availability on that the voicemail. As well, loop in your recruiter to see if they can help connect you both too.
•Be energetic! Since the interview is not in person, it’s harder for them to get to know the real you. They need to feel your enthusiasm for the position and that you would be enjoyable to work with.
•Highlight your strengths and the value you can bring to the team. If a detailed job description is provided, point out how you meet those qualifications.
•If there are any areas of concerns about potential issues (schedule, treatments, equipment, etc.) at the position, make sure to ask about those concerns on the call. Anders will do the best we can to help answer these questions but often there is a long chain of contacts to the direct manager who actually knows the answer.
•Pay is not discussed on the interview. This is discussed post call between Anders Group and the HR team if you are selected for the position. Most interviewers and department managers don’t know rate options they can present.
•Have some questions prepared in advance. This will help if the interviewer is quiet and help highlight whether or not the position is a good fit.
•End the call by asking when they expect to make an offer and/or if you would be the right traveler for their team.
•After your interview, contact your recruiter to let them know how the interview went and Anders Group can follow up the potential offer.

Questions to potentially ask:

•What are the most important skills needed for this position?
•What is a sample of day to day activities?
•Can you describe the ideal candidate?
•How many people are on the team?
•What would be my approximate hours/schedule each week?
•Are hours guaranteed?
•Why is there a travel need?
•If anyone has failed at this job, why did they fail?
•Whom would I report to?
•Are you ok with my days off of ___? *If a longer time period of days needed
•What mentorship is provided? *If needed
•Do you have any areas of concern about my ability to help I can help clarify?
•Do you think I would be a good fit for the opening?

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