Understanding Your Pay Package

Most travelers say they travel for the experience AND THE PAY! Thus, it is always surprises us when we talk to travelers with other companies, thankfully that have realized they need to work with the best agency (ahem, Anders Group!), and when we ask about their pay expectations/packages that they have no idea what they are getting paid. How does this happen?

Staffing companies like to offer weekly take homes and just verbally quote hourly numbers. However, no breakdown is given and they just provide hard to read contracts to sign. It is important to see the exact pay breakdown, in writing, to understand and make sure those numbers they are providing are truthful. For example, a traveler told us they were getting paid $50/hr but upon inspection by us it was around $42/hr. The other company said they meant it was close to $50/hr in the perm world since the after tax amount the same as $50/hr (all taxed.) A bit misleading for sure!

Another common misunderstanding is seeing a higher number in the taxed portion and thinking the pay package is higher automatically. Per diems vary from area to area, so travelers need to look at the all inclusive number (not just the taxed portion). They could easily be making more on another offer but they do not see that if only looking at the taxed portion. For example, a traveler might be making $25/hr taxed and $20/hr in per diems to total $45/hr all inclusive ($25+$20). Then for the next offer, the pay is $20/hr in taxed and $28/hr in per diems totals $48/hr ($20+$28). The new offer is higher, but the taxed portion lower (which ideally is a great thing to take home more), but a traveler may only see $25/hr vs $20/hr. Not good!

At Anders Group, we hope to clearly breakdown offers, both showing our travelers the all inclusive hourly amount, then as a weekly total, in writing. Facilities offer agencies all inclusive hourly rates so getting that number as high as possible is the ultimate goal of your recruiter. How we divide that up can vary to whatever your travel needs are (per diems, lodging, car, etc.) We explain this even further in our blog posts “What Am I Going to be Paid” and “Can Anders Group Pay Me More?” if you want more in depth details on facility payment relationships with staffing companies, and how pay rates derived.

Our team wants to be upfront and completely transparent on your pay packages and empower our travelers with knowledge. In doing so, we have built trusted relationships with our travelers that aren’t easily “tricked” into working elsewhere. Experience the Anders Group difference and reach out to our team anytime to help with a travel position!

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