Unexpected Adventures

Travelers have hot spots they all want to hit. Think Hawaii, Colorado, Florida, and other popular destination cities and states.  While those locations are amazing for a multitude of reasons, they can be tougher and more competitive to find a contract in.  They can be tough to find jobs in and when we do, they usually receive a lot of submittals. Thus, start date, years of experience, and competitive rates come in to play.  However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find a great placement in a more competitive area, but we recommend maybe thinking outside the box.

There are lots of hidden gems out there worth considering, like Montana, Oregon, and California.  If you’re big into state parks and the outdoors, states like Idaho put you close to the Bitterroot Range and Yellowstone.  Or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the Alaskan bush country affords some fantastic opportunities.  These positions also tend to pay better and have onsite housing due to their remoteness.  Some other unique opportunities we can offer are contracts in the different federal health systems, such as VA hospitals to work with our nation’s current and retired military personnel, or the Indian Health Service to provide care for the Native American population on reservations nationwide, or even the federal prison system.  These contracts are longer term, sometimes a year or more, and can be a great experience that also give you a chance to give back and have a longer contract to plan around (while at that higher pay rate).

We like these alternatives as they can provide unique experiences, and hopefully help you make/save money while still being close to your city of choice.  The more open you are, the more options we have available for you. And those options may be those hidden gems!

Our recruiters can help with ideas on state licensure and what may fit your travel destination wish list, while offering a good selection of openings. Please reach out anytime to our team!

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