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The relationship between a traveler and their recruiter is built on a foundation of communication.  The more open you are with your recruiter about your expectations and interests, the better.  Don’t hold back. Be honest about why you want to travel and what you want to gain. Is it visiting certain city/area? Is it pay? Is it love? Is it to get away? We hope to foster a relationship where you can openly communicate, so we in turn, help you the best possible.

Many candidates know exactly what they want. We then do our best to meet those search needs. However, we do try to be realistic about the job market. We don’t want to promise that unicorn job, to have a traveler disappointed and without an assignment. We do want to help with back up options, to ideally not have our traveler take them, but rather to be over prepared. As well, sometimes those back up jobs, end up being the most amazing experience. Or, you might be the traveler that is open to anything and everything. We will try to make sure we understand what anything and everything means to you, including asking about setting, city size, states, etc.  We will give our all to finding that perfect option available every time.

The key for us is talking. Lots of it. You hear feedback from so many travelers that their recruiter was the key to enjoying traveling. Not because they work in person together or even have different jobs than other companies, but most often this is because they understand the best jobs to send their candidates and what is important to them.  And they do that quickly, and respond to communication immediately. Travelers can trust them and can communicate freely, whether it be about the job search, about the assignment, about the experience, or outside of work topics.

So let’s talk. We hope to make your travel experience amazing by getting to know you and how to help best!


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