Call Me, Not Maybe (Song lol… Anyone?)

Anders Group has a wonderful job board that we do try to post all of our jobs to. However, those “hot” jobs that get a lot of submittals can fill very quickly. By the time those jobs post, the job may be closed to submittals or even filled. As well, sometimes we don’t even post those job options to our job board that we know our candidate pool we are already in touch with will be able to help with. Or lastly, some days we just receive so many job requests, it is hard for our team to post them all! Why are we sharing this…we want you to call us!

Don’t be afraid to call us even if it is just a maybe that you might want to travel.  We want to be a resource to you. If you maybe want to travel, we want you to ask us questions to see if this is a career path you want to take. Traveling is a very unique way of working and we expect a lot of questions. We love answering them so we hope you will reach out!

As well, we can send you job options to see if any jobs help make that decision of traveling a reality. If travel could be an option, we want a designated recruiter assigned to you from our team. Not only can they answer any and all questions, they will also email and call with job opportunities immediately that match your search criteria. We want to ensure we avoid the struggles mentioned above and snag those “hot” jobs.

We hope a key difference with Anders Group is our speed of presenting you with those perfect-fit jobs and fast communication. We hear travelers from other companies, that finally see the light of working Anders Group haha, say they struggled to get call backs or heard very little from their previous recruiters. We can’t imagine that! A key to successfully recruiting is communication. The Anders Group team puts themselves in our travelers’ shoes to see and understand the importance of prompt feedback and hearing of job opportunities.

So please, CALL US! We want to talk with you and hope to help you with a travel opportunity if the right path for you!

ANDERS GROUP 877-343-1607

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