Summer Sunshine and Vacation Time

Taking days off during an assignment is okay…within reason. As a traveler, you are there to help out because they are short staffed. If you need more than a week off for a 13 week assignment then this places an additional burden on the facility to find short term/PRN coverage in what may already be a difficult place to find coverage.  Not to mention an additional cost for PRN coverage, on top of a higher traveler cost.  Most Anders Group travelers will schedule their vacations that they have in between assignments.  We realize that things happen and that some days or sick days cannot be helped.  If or when they do, please communicate with both the Facility Director and the Anders Group recruiter about missing work.  Also, when you are on the hunt for an assignment, it is always helpful and strongly recommended for you to let your recruiter know in advance if you will be needing certain days off prior to submitting.  This will help your recruiter better promote your profile and avoid surprising the facility last minute.    Often facilities require day off requests upfront upon submitting, or they won’t be approved. It can also make a difference on them selecting a candidate as well since less days off usually helps determine candidate selection, especially if multiple strong candidates submitted. A few days off here and there, for long weekends, are usually not an issue, but for those longer vacations, try to schedule them between assignments so no conflict on taking them off 🙂

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