Temp to Perm – What Does That Mean?

When you think of travel, most think of the true traveler working 13 week contracts across the country. An amazing way to work, but not all of us are at a life point where this is a possibility. It is tough to truly travel when you need to remain in a certain geographic area or need a routine schedule. However, what if you are not happy or challenged in your current position, or moving to a new geographic region where you have clue of the job market? Let us introduce you to temp to perm.

Temp to perm we like to describe as test driving before you buy. This is a wonderful resource for anyone unfamiliar with a job market, especially when moving out of state. Besides Google searches, how do you determine where to work, what zip code, etc.? Being able to start as a traveler lets the agency do the job search work. We filter jobs to you match your preferred setting/region/area. Ideally we have a fit for you in travel, and you accept a travel assignment for 13 weeks. However, the difference to true travel is that we flag your profile upon submittal as temp to perm. On the interview, you will discuss your perm possibilities and your goal to remain in the area. Unless you are covering for a medical leave, facilities most often are using travelers because they are struggling to find a permanent candidate due to staffing shortages. The facilities are usually very happy to accept a traveler that has perm potential. As a traveler to start, you will see those increased travel rates, per diems, and travel allowances. Then you get to take the facility for that test drive. Hopefully, you love the team and they offer you a strong perm pay package to lure you away from traveling. But what if you don’t? You are not committed to more than the travel contract (the norm is 13 weeks). Thus, you don’t have to stay. And as an added bonus, you are now in the area to familiarize yourself with other job options and interview in person to get a better feel. Or you could even potentially accept another travel contract if another in the area.

If you are looking to make a career move, but can’t truly travel, please do keep temp to perm in mind. You can reach out anytime with further questions to our Anders team!

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