Traveler Tip: Acing Your Interview!


Love them or hate them, interviews are an essential part of a getting hired. There’s a lot riding on how that interview goes… especially as a traveler! That 20 minute interview may be the only contact you have with a department manager before jumping on that plane. We’ve put together tips to help you get the information you need, make a great first impression, and make the most out of your interviews.

Before the interview

Make a list of any have-to-have items when you start your assignment search. Carry it around with you or save it on your phone. Anything about the job/facility/city you need to know? It’s a two-way interview – they want to know if you’re a good fit for the position and you want to make sure it’s a good fit for you!

For example,
  • What is the shift? Are days worked back-to-back?
  • Is call required? How frequent?
  • Is overtime expected/required?
  • How many patients/scans/evaluations, etc. per day expected?
  • How many people are in the unit/department?
  • Is there a productivity requirement (for therapists)?
  • What is orientation like?
  • What charting system is used? Is there training (if needed)?
  • Does they use travelers often? Why are they bringing on a traveler now?

Nervous about the interview? Ask your recruiter to do a mock interview for practice!

During the Interview


Take notes! Who’s conducting the interview, what is their name and title? Use their name during the interview.

Let the manager know about required time off! Do you require any time off during the assignment? Would you accept the assignment if the dates are not approved? Make sure to mention during the interview… you want this known and approved before you accept the assignment.

Ask questions! What do you need to know about the position (see “Before the Interview”)? What is a typical day like? Why are you looking to bring in a traveler? Questions show that you’re engaged and interested in the position.

Talk about you! Be prepared to answer typical interview questions about you – do you have experience with X, have you ever worked on equipment Y, how do you handle situation Z.


Don’t screen your calls! Don’t screen your calls when you’re actively applying/submitting to job! You never know when you may get a call for interview. Is it ideal? Nope! As recruiters, we would love to be able to tell you exactly which day and time you’ll be called for interview, but the reality is, we don’t always know. Department managers and directors are often conducting interviews in spare time they can grab between their own patients and meetings, and may not always be able to give notice before calling.

Don’t wait to return a missed interview call! Miss a call for interview? Return the call ASAP! The longer you wait, the more time that director or manager has to call the next candidate for the job!

Don’t ask about pay for a travel assignment! The pay discussions happen on the recruiter-traveler side. Most managers and directors won’t know what goes into a traveler pay package, with lodging and meal stipends, travel reimbursement, etc.


After the Interview

Call or text your recruiter ASAP after the interview to let them know how it went. We’ll immediately reach out to get feedback and (fingers crossed!) offer information.

Any questions about the assignment that you didn’t get answers for or any new questions that came up? Let your recruiter know so they can follow up!


How do you prepare for interviews? Share your interview tips in the comments!



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