Eat.See.Do: Billings!

Welcome to Anders Group’s weekly location spotlight where we’ll share what to eat, see, and do in some of the most popular Travel Assignment locations! Up this week…Billings!

WHERE: Billings, MT

ABOUT: Reigning as the largest city in the Montana, Billings was founded in 1882 by Frederick H. Billings, former president of the Northern Pacific Railroad. This region has a rich history dating back to 1700 through their first inhabitants, the Crow. Since its discovery in in the late 1800s, the city that started from the building to over 2,000 in less than one year later. This fast growth rate landed the nickname “Magic City.” Get in touch with your inner outdoors (wo)man here!


  • Bistro Enzo –  this locally owned restaurant is a great mix of Italian, American and Mediterranean foods
  • Jakes Bar & Grill – an overall great place to bring your family and enjoy the company of your friends
  • The Montana Club – the heritage and culture of Montana run through every aspect of this eatery, from the décor to the menu



  • The Rimrocks – take in the great view of the valley and hike the trials that this gem of Billings offers
  • Pompeys Pillar – get a chance to see the signature of Captain William Clark, of the infamous duo Lewis & Clark
  • ZooMontana – this facility is dedicated to the educational aspects of wildlife conservation in the state, it houses over 100 animals of 51 different species




  • It is illegal in Billings to keep a rat as a pet.
  • The first Rail Road of the Northern Pacific Railway was founded in Billings
  • The winter of 2017-2018 was the snowiest winter in Billings history at 103.6 inches of snow. Brrr…!

Have you been to Billings? What did you eat, see, and do? Leave your recommendations below!

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