Things Often Forgotten: 12 Things You Might Forget to Pack for Assignment

As it gets closer to your start date, packing becomes something that needs to be done but can be so taxing! The goal is to have everything that you will need while away on assignment packed up and ready to go before hitting the road or the airport. But, we know things don’t always go as planned.

You never forget the essentials – your clothes, shoes or undergarments – but what about those not so obvious necessities?  The things that you use every day at home but for whatever reason don’t come to mind when it’s time to pack. Here is a list of some items that you’re likely to forget but will say “oh yea I need that” when you see it:


  1. Chargers, Chargers and more CHARGERS – it would be a pain to get to your new location and notice you left your laptop charger plugged into the wall next to the couch. Triple check before heading out the door that for every electronic you have packed, that you have the charger for it.

  2. Steamer / Iron – unless you know for sure that your temporary living quarters have one of these, it wouldn’t hurt to pack one just to be on the safe side. How bad would it look show up to work wrinkled??? Exactly.

  3. A Signature Scent – this is something that makes you…you!

  4. Wine / Beer Opener – everyone has had a bottle in hand, ready to unwind from a long day and realized that there was no bottle opener, heartbreaking.

  5. Headphones – whether it’s for working out or just for relaxing, a good pair of headphones can save the day.

  6. Swimsuit / Trunks – only if you’re in the location and season for it, of course.

  7. Sunscreen – this goes hand in hand with the swimsuit but you want to be prepared. Sunburn is real!

  8. Umbrella – with the way the weather has been lately, you want to be prepared for anything.

  9. Laundry Bag – if you don’t need the big one to lug your dirty clothes to the laundry mat, you definitely need the small, mesh one to the keep the dryer from eating your socks.

  10. Travel First Aid Kit – preparation is key.

  11. Miniature Stain Remover – no matter how hard you try not to, stains happen.

  12. Good Reading Materials – be non-fiction, sci-fi or even poetry – make sure you have something to hold your interest in your down time.


That should be it! Everything that you could possibly need while on assignment is packed securely in your suitcase or backpack and is ready to go.

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