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Welcome to Anders Group’s weekly location spotlight where we’ll share what to eat, see, and do in some of the most popular Travel Assignment locations! Up this week…Austin!

WHERE: Austin, TX

ABOUT: Austin is the capital city and 4th most populous city in Texas and is proudly “weird”.


  • Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden – a bakery and café with a Creekside beer garden? Perfect place for brunch or to spend an afternoon!
  • Terry Black’s BBQ – you can’t go to Austin and not try the barbeque. There are so many places to taste-test, but Terry Black’s should be toward the top of your list!
  • Quesoff (festival) – just what it sounds like… a food festival in July dedicated to queso! Give us all the cheese. Yum!



  • Circuit of the Americas – Home to the only Formula 1 and MotoGP races in the country, COTA offers a wide range of motorsports, concerts, and soccer events to see year-round.
  • Bullock Texas State History Museum – the official history museum of the State of Texas, the Bullock Museum has permanent and temporary exhibits that cover the state’s unique history.
  • Cathedral of Junk – is it art? Is it junk? Yes and yes. This multi-level structure is artfully made of 60+ tons of junks.


Austin Swimming Hole


  • Swimming Holes – summers in Austin can be hot, so make sure to check out and cool off in one of the many Austin-area swimming holes!
  • Austin City Limits Music Festival – taking place over two weekends in October, the ACL festival brings together more than 100 bands from all over the world playing music from just about any genre out there!
  • Tejano Walking Trail – the almost 5-mile walking trail takes you through a visual history of post-Civil War to the Cesar Chavez statue, dedicated in 2009.



  • Austin is considered the live music capital of the world.
  • Austin has the largest urban bat colony in North America, with a colony of about 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats.
  • The Texas State Capitol building is the second largest capital building, behind Washington, D.C.

Have you been to Austin? What did you eat, see, and do? Leave your recommendations below!

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