Eat.See.Do: Bangor!

Welcome to Anders Group’s weekly location spotlight where we’ll share what to eat, see, and do in some of the most popular Travel Assignment locations! Up this week…Bangor!

WHERE: Bangor, Maine

ABOUT: The city of Bangor is rich in environmental wonders, from the parks to the Penobscot River. If you fancy yourself a folklore enthusiast, Bangor is home to a 31-foot Paul Bunyan statue. With natural wonders like New Hermon Mountain so close by, who would want to stay in doors?? Discover a love for nature and tap into your inner outdoors-man here!


  • Thistles Restaurant – enjoy a global experience in these four walls, the menu ranges from French to Argentinian and everything in between
  • Kobe Ninja House – imagine a run of the mill Japanese restaurant with a prime cut of steak on the side
  • Taste of India – here you will find authentic Indian food served with a side of elegance


  • Paul Bunyan statue – hopefully you aren’t taking a trip to the police station (where he lives), but this 31 foot tall statue is a bearded legend
  • Stephen King Tours – get to know Stephen King a little more by seeing where he lived and actual locations for some of his most famous films
  • Cascade Park – a great place for picnics or a serene stroll, this park will relax you


  • New Hermon Mountain – take a quick 10 minute ride to hit these slopes that guarantees fun in the snow
  • Hollywood Casino Bangor – one of the two casinos in the state of Maine, enjoy some slots, table games and a live poker room
  • Bangor Drive-In – if you’re feeling nostalgic, this drive in movie will take you back for some good old-fashioned fun.


  • Bangor is known as the “Queen City” of Maine.
  • The state animal is the majestic moose.
  • 90% of the country’s toothpick supply comes from here

Have you been to Bangor? What did you eat, see, and do? Leave your recommendations below!

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