Eat.See.Do: Aurora!

Welcome to Anders Group’s weekly location spotlight where we’ll share what to eat, see, and do in some of the most popular Travel Assignment locations! Up this week…Aurora!

WHERE: Aurora, CO

ABOUT: Known for its diverse culture and all-around relaxing atmosphere, Aurora is rapidly growing. Even though it is the third largest city in Colorado, it is #1 in diversity, be it people, food or activities. The restaurants here give you a global tour, from Korean to German to Ethiopian. They have it all! With over 60 miles of bike trails that connect to major parts of the city, you really won’t need a car to get around. It is the total package! Is Aurora calling your name??


  • La Cueva – this family owned restaurant has been providing authentic Mexican food to the people of Aurora for over 40 years
  • Helga’s German Restaurant & Deli – get a taste of the “old world” through German recipes plucked from Helga’s family cookbook
  • The Lost Cajun – Raymond Griffin brought Louisiana to Colorado with savory dishes that will leave you wanting more



  • Chimera Ranch – one of the few places in the state where you can buy authentic alpaca furs/ fleece while frolicking with these South American animals
  • 12 Miles Stables – saddle up and ride through the less traveled paths of Aurora
  • Southlands Lifestyles Center – a literal one stop shop, where you can find anything from a movie theater, to clothing, to photography, and even insurance!


  • Founded in 1880, the town original name was Fletcher but was renamed in 1907 to Aurora
  • Until 2009, it was illegal in Aurora to catch rain for private use since the rainwater was considered property of the state.
  • There are over 90 languages spoken in Aurora’s school system, which goes hand in hand with the city’s diversity.

Have you been to Aurora? What did you eat, see, and do? Leave your recommendations below!

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