Top 3 Reasons to Take a Government Job!

Top 3 reasons to take a government travel job!

Kayenta, AZ

Have you ever cared for the men and women that have served or currently serve in the U.S. military? What about working on an Indian reservation? Not too many healthcare professionals can say that they have and taking a government assignment grants you those opportunities. There are so many pros to these contracts, here are a few:

Licensure Leeway:

Federal facilities allow providers to work with ANY valid and good standing US RN/medical license state license. So if you’re a California nurse and one of our New Mexico positions piques your interests, you will not need to apply for new licensure. The one you currently have is just enough. This requirement is not exclusive to just nurses, it applies to all rad techs, therapists, and positions typically requiring state licenses.

Shiprock, NM

Longer Contracts:

In the travel world, the industry standard for assignment length is 13 weeks, give or take some weeks depending on what the facility needs. On the government side, the durations can vary from 13 weeks to as much as 5 years. Wow! Of course this is at the traveler’s discretion. You can chose to stay put or move on to the next location. Your initial contract is usually 13 weeks but if you love it there, why not stay as long as you can to make that money?!

Badlands, South Dakota

Experience Expansion

When working at an Indian Health Service (IHS) you get submerged into the lives of the Native American that call the reservation home. You get see a side of life that you would not get to see outside of the reservation. The same goes for assignments with the Department of Defense – you would be on base living a little bit of the military life. Or if you work at a Veteran Affairs (VA) facility, you get to be of service to people that risked their lives for this country.  You have the chance to learn something new both personally and professionally.

Gallup, NM

These aren’t the typical assignments that every traveler is offered. Having a government facility on your resume will definitely set you apart from other applicants for any future assignments. You gain a leg up on the competition and some pretty awesome stories to bring back home. A win-win!

Here are some of the government position we currently have available. If you’re interested, let us know or reach out to your Anders Group recruiter!

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