Anders Group: Year in Review 2019!

Year in Review

2019 was an amazing year for the Anders Group family and we want to thank everyone that made it possible – from our internal employees to our travelers to the partners and friends that support us when we are off the clock. You guys rock and are definitely appreciated!

We try to keep you guys up to date through our website and social media pages (you should follow us if you don’t already!) This year was full of fun, laughter and achievements. If you missed anything, don’t worry, here is a quick recap on the best Anders year to date!

Bigger and Better

Like the hermit crab that grew too big for its shell, we got just a little too big for our old office. So what did we do?? Got a new one! Our team doubled in size and, in turn, we double our space and then some.

We love our new space and it is perfect for us – for now. As we grow, we will eventually need a new shell and when that time comes, we will embrace it with open arms.

Family Fun

We are a big, playful family here. We bicker a little but love a lot more. As the people we spend the most time with, it is imperative that we bond as a collective. Through our monthly birthday/anniversary breakfasts, boot camp, our ever fun wine / cheese event and the team building outings, we strengthen the bond that makes this place such a joy to be at every day.

Recognition and Rewards

What good is the hard work if no one else see it?! Day in and out, we are working to be the best healthcare staffing agency that we can be. The long hours our recruiters and operations team put in was recognized when we made #28 on the 2019 SIA Fast Growing US Staffing Firms list (link to list). To be recognized for the amazing work we do with and for our travelers, is a hard-earned pat on the back. That was not the only list we made this year, we also came in at #2510 (link to list) on the Inc. 5000 list for the fastest growing companies across all industries. These accreditation are proof that we love what we do and work hard to get it all done.

Goodbye 2019! Good to see you 2020!

We like to end every year with a bang! Our Anders Group holiday parties are always ones to remember. We fellowship with our coworkers and friends to decompress a little after a busy year.  Definitely a well-deserved celebration! There is great food, tons of dancing and just a good time to be had all around. No one does a party like Anders Group!



All in all, we closed out the decade with memorable highs and adaptable lows, each of which made us the amazing company that we are today. 2020 is a new year, filled with new goals and new opportunities that we will make the most out of.


Here are some more fun pictures from 2019!

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