#MyAndersAdventure: Angie!

Specialty: Ultrasound Tech
Anders Traveler Since: September 2018


What do you like about working with Anders Group?

What I like most about working with Anders Group is the one on one personal relationship you have with your recruiter. I have never once felt like just a number or less important than another traveler. I have only experienced support and complete dedication and support!


Why do you love your recruiter?

In particular, I love working with my recruiter Melissa! Her positive, spunky, go get em attitude is priceless!! She is always so available and never makes me feel like I’m bothering her no matter how little a question I have. Her dedication to making sure I have everything I need and aggressiveness on getting me that perfect assignment is so comforting as a traveler!! I have a true sense of safety, knowing she cares about making sure I’m successful, in turn, making her and the company successful! I so much appreciate everything she does for me!!


What made you get into traveling?

I decided to take the leap into a travel career a year and a half ago. I have always loved to travel and explore, something that my husband and I always try to do while working full-time jobs, and got very little time (or money) to do it. So after our youngest child started college, I looked into a travel career very seriously. Doing a lot of thinking, investigation and planning, my husband and I decided to just Do it!! A bit scary in the beginning, I had Laura from Nomadicare “match” me to a recruiter… which ended up being Melissa at Anders group! And I am soooo incredibly lucky she did!

So far, what has been your favorite assignment location while working with us and why?

My favorite overall assignment so far, I honestly can’t put a finger on just one!! Idaho, for the location we had Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Mountains just a 1-2 hour drive away!!! It was magnificent! Beautiful! and Amazing to explore!!! But I have had so many other amazing places…NW Arkansas, was surprisingly beautiful!, Oregon had some awesome hiking, Crater Lake was just a short drive and Amazingly beautiful!! And here in California we have loved Napa Valley, delicious wine and food, the Sierra mountains, the Pacific coast, and playing in the snow at South Lake Tahoe!! Never ending fun in all directions!! We will be flying our kids in from Florida and staying in San Francisco, just and hour and a half away at the end of my assignment, before my next one. How many people can do that!!


Where are some dream locations that you’d love to work in?

For some future assignments, I would love to go to Utah, Colorado and Arizona, just to name a few out west. Then to explore some of the East coast, I would love to go to Vermont, New Hampshire areas, places I have never been. Getting an assignment in upstate NY, near my husband’s family would be great as well!

What is your favorite thing about traveling?

My favorite thing about traveling is getting to explore our beautiful country. Places I would, one, never thought of going to, and two, most importantly, I could never afford to go to or have the time off of work to explore along with my husband.


What were some struggles you’ve faced while traveling?

I would say, the only type of “struggles” I have had traveling would be finding a campground close to the hospital I’m applying to. Since we travel in our RV, some areas, that are really snowy or too far distance wise, I am unable to apply for. But, surprisingly, it usually has worked out wonderful, and hasn’t been too much of an issue! We love having our “home” wherever we go! We have only had a few minor issues with the RV, so “fingers crossed”!



Do you have any crazy “while on assignment” stories for us? Please Share!

I guess one of the craziest stories I have would be our first time driving our 36′ RV, towing our car. We always use Google maps for traveling, right, doesn’t everyone?! Well, we quickly learned that while this is perfect for traveling in a car, it has NO idea what you’re driving and what roads you should ….or should not drive on with a RV! To say taking “Narrows Road” was not the best idea is probably an understatement!! I may have lost a month off my life that day!! Hahaha

We now have an RV approved Road Atlas! Or as my husband calls it, a Fatlas (it’s huge!) LOL


What are some items on your must have list when packing for an assignment?

Fortunately I have my house with me, so there is no packing or deciding what to bring for assignments

If you met someone that was considering travel, what pearls of wisdom would you give them?

My biggest advice is to make sure they learn everything they need to know beforehand. Really do some investigating into the do’s and don’ts of the travel life. Things like what is a “Tax home”, how to understand what a “bill rate” is and what to expect from a recruiter. I am still learning as I go, all the time, but, having a good bases knowledge is a huge part of being successful!

The one piece of advice I do give, by the little experience I have had, is that the larger travel agency (at least from my personal experience) they really do not have your best interest first! Some pass you around from recruiter to recruiter depending on your assignment location so you never get a relationship with them, and some just treat you like a number. It was clear that they are not working for me, they’re working only for their company. I was definitely not given information or felt like I could ask questions with them being open and honest with me. I learned the hard way, and have firsthand knowledge how great Anders Group is!

I am a proud advocate for Anders Group and have already given my recruiters information to other travelers and will continue to do so!

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