Eat.See.Do: New Haven!

Welcome to Anders Group’s weekly location spotlight where we’ll share what to eat, see, and do in some of the most popular Travel Assignment locations! Up this week…New Haven!

WHERE: New Haven, CT

ABOUT: New Haven is a collegiate town that is rich in culture, food and history. The prestigious Yale University was founded here and has been educating minds for over 300 years. The university is home to the city’s famous theater and museum, both are definitely something to see before leaving. Oddly enough, the world’s largest indoor ropes course is here, where you can test your limits and get a good workout in! New Haven is only a couple of hours away from NYC, Newark, Philly and Boston. If you’re up to it, those could be one of many great day trips! Are you ready to see what this New England state has to offer?


  • Louis’ Lunch – with a grand opening dating back to at least 1895, this eatery has been dubbed the birthplace of the hamburger 😱
  • Frank Pepe Pizzeria – home of the famous coal fire “tomato pies,” stopping here is a must if you visit Little Italy
  • Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale – the freshest and highest quality seafood you’ll find in New Haven


  • New Haven  Green – this is a small park in the middle of Downtown New Haven where tons of festivals and concerts are held
  • Grove Street Cemetery – a small piece of New Haven culture, where more than 200 years of evolving history is held
  • Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge – this beautiful bridge lights up the night sky with blue lights across the Quinnipiac River


  • Yale University Art Gallery – this is the oldest college museum in America and houses more than 250,000 pieces of art
  • Little Italy – taking a stroll down Wooster Street is like being transported to Italy, you’re surrounded by authentic restaurants and an atmosphere like no other
  • It Adventure Ropes Course – a great place for tons of fun and a full body workout



  • Alexander Graham Bell’s first telephones were installed here, as well as the first phone book.
  • 43rd President George W. Bush was born here in 1946.
  • Pumpkin head hair cuts originated here, and the world is soooo grateful

Have you been to New Haven? What did you eat, see, and do? Leave your recommendations below!




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