#MyAndersAdventure: Brittani!

Modality: Sonographer

Month/Year Joined AG: 07/2018

What do you like about working with Anders Group?

I love the family aspect of Anders Group! I was fortunate enough to visit the office around Thanksgiving time and was amazed by how much it feels like one giant family there.

Why do you love your recruiter?

My recruiter, Melissa, is awesome!! After working with her for over a year and a half now, I feel like she can probably read my mind by now. She has a knack for finding me great positions with good pay packages too. When I was in Dallas recently for a position, I was able to spend time with her in person and get to know her outside of the work environment. I even joke that she was my social event coordinator while I was there! I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a good working relationship with my recruiter to be able to consider her a friend.

What made you get into traveling?

We were short-staffed at my permanent job before I started traveling. I was working extra hours and completing tasks above my pay grade. I was not able to travel and take as many vacations as I would have liked. And all in all I was just miserable with the monotony my life had become. I was ready for a change and looking for a way to switch things up and found the constant transition between travel positions to be an ideal solution. Plus what can be better than getting paid to travel the country.

So far, what has been your favorite assignment location while working with us and why?

So far, my favorite assignment location probably has to be northern Colorado. I was there for 6 to 7 months from the end of winter to early fall. I got to experience multiple seasons in one location and really had time to explore the area. Plus Colorado is beautiful and so diverse depending on which part of the state you are in. I could never get enough of those views of the Rocky Mountains! I also met my travel “bestie” while I was out there! Having someone to explore the area with makes a world of difference in your experience at that location.

Where are some dream locations that you’d love to work in?

I would love to take a more tropical assignment, whether it be in Hawaii or the Keys! I’d settle for the coast of the Carolinas too. I love the ocean, the sand and the sunshine and now that I have a Go-Pro camera, I am super excited to work on some underwater photography.

What is your favorite thing about traveling?

I think it speaks for itself! I literally get paid to travel the country! How many other people can say that? Traveling has created a world of opportunities for myself that I could have never imagined were even possible growing up!

What were some struggles you’ve faced while traveling?

Making friends to explore with can be incredibly challenging, especially when you’re working in small, rural hospitals and clinics by yourself. But joining a gym or sports team or even searching social media can yield new friends. Occasionally, I also get homesick when away from my family for an extended period of time or around the holidays. I find that keeping myself busy and lots of phone calls home seem to help that! Remembering what an opportunity traveling is and how envious friends and family are of my adventures helps with that too!

Do you have any crazy “while on assignment” stories for us? Please Share!

I mean what can be crazier than flying to Vegas to meet hundreds of travelers and recruiters living the same crazy dream!

What are some items on your must have list when packing for an assignment?

Well besides the basics (clothes, toiletries and basic kitchen stuff), I always pack workout clothes and accessories. I find that working out and keeping in shape seems to help me adjust to all the changes this crazy lifestyle brings. Also, I can’t leave home without my fur-babies! My 2 cats travel with me everywhere; I would be lonely without them. And I can’t forget an air mattress for when I have a delay in getting my furniture. It’s so much better than sleeping on the floor.

If you met someone that was considering travel, what pearls of wisdom would you give them?

DO IT!!! It’s been of the most rewarding experiences of my life! I’ve learned so many new skills professionally to advance my career. I’ve learned new things about myself and have grown as a person. Not to mention the amazing places I have been and all the new people I’ve met!

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