Traveler Tips: Quick One Skillet Meals

As a traveler, sometimes you don’t have the time – or energy – to make quick / healthy meals for lunch and dinner every day. On the flip side of that, the daily trips to the café or getting food delivered while on your break can’t be good for your wallet. Hands down, one skillet meals are the way to go. They are quick, easy and can be a fun as you want to make them.

One skillet meals are the best for 3 reasons:

  • Clean up is minimal – you literally use one skillet
  • Ideal for batch cooking – you can make more than you need for one meal, then freeze the extras and take for the rest of the week
  • Easy way to add some variety into your diet – there are hundreds (if not thousands) of recipes to try; you can make a different dish for every week of your assignment


 Here are some delicious options to try!!

Three packs of $0.50 top ramen never looked so good!

Mongolian Beef Ramen 

A quick spin on tasty classic that allows you to get creative with the vegetables and find your perfect combination. With a prep time of only 10 minutes, it is perfect for a cold winter night!

Skillet Pot Pie 

Perfect with or without pasta added, either way you won’t be disappointed!

Chicken Parm Meatball Skillet

You can literally throw everything in the skillet and go! In 10 minutes you’ll have a hearty – yet healthy – meal for dinner and maybe lunch the next day.

Cheesy Mexican Cauli Rice

Who doesn’t love a good chili recipe? What it lacks in meat it makes up for in flavor and tasty veggies.

**Loaded 3 Bean Vegetarian Chili



These are just a few recipes but there are so many more; check out Delish for more inspiration!

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