Top Qualities Employers Look For


During your job hunt, you will be busy tailoring your resume, researching employers, and practicing your interview skills.

Before your interview, nerves might be at an all-time high and you may even be intimidated because you aren’t sure what to expect. Of course you want to stand out from other candidates, but the question is: How? How can you stand out among other candidates? The answer isn’t simple, but the concept is something you can grasp!

Anders Group wants you to go into any situation prepared and confident, which is why we created a list of qualities that employers look for in healthcare professionals that will help you stand out!

Collaboration/Team Work

  • The world of healthcare is extremely busy and there is always something that needs to be done at any given time. That is why being able to collaborate and be a team player is so important. With everyone being stretched in what feels like 10 different directions, it would be a good thing to mention that you are a team player who likes to help others. Employers love hearing that!
  • Benefits of Collaborating
    • Improving patient care and outcome
    • Reduces medical errors
    • Faster treatments
    • Improves staff relationship
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Interpersonal Skills/Communication

  • Employers often claim that communication skills are one the things that fall by the wayside becoming one of the weaker skills. Being able to talk effectively to your employer will show them that you’re able to talk to patients effectively, which makes your job a lot easier because everyone will be on the same page. A study was shown to suggest that effective communication (verbal and nonverbal) has positive outcomes/impact on patient satisfaction. Be sure to mention how your interpersonal communication skills are useful in difficult situations and how you can overcome them!
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  • The ability to be flexible in a fast-paced environment is a must for many healthcare workers, especially a traveler! It can show your employer that you can be there when it matters most. Although, being flexible in the workplace is more than having an open schedule or working extra hours when asked, its’ also about being able to adapt in any situation you are in. Most healthcare workers can attest that each day is different and that forces the employee (that’s you!) to be quick when it comes to solving problems. Flexibility and adaptability also point to the need to be more accommodating to patients and the feedback they may have. Let your interviewer know about a situation where you had to be flexible and adapt at a moment’s notice!
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Emotional Intelligence

  • People with strong emotional intelligence are more self-aware and they can almost always control their impulses and mood. Employers want a healthcare professional with strong emotional intelligence because they can show empathy towards others, including co-workers and patients. According to MCP-Hahnemann School of Medicine, improving self-awareness, healthcare workers can better their patients experience and satisfaction. This also can improve the healthcare workers work life and relationships. Be sure to mention a time where you were understanding with another person and/or patient in your life!
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Polished Medical Professionalism

  • When walking into a healthcare environment, there are a various things that tells a patient to trust or not trust the staff and ultimately it leads to the patient trusting any plan that’s prescribed to them. Employers are looking for candidates who are professional and trustworthy because it creates a positive space for everyone. As you are navigating your way through your job search be sure to return any calls and answer emails quickly.
  • Remember: it all starts with the first impression or conversation, be sure to put your best foot forward!
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Each employer is looking for the best candidate for the job and that is YOU! Take these qualities and use them in your next interview. We are looking for high quality candidates just like you, submit your resume here and we can let you know about the jobs we have right now! Remember: put your best foot forward!


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