#MyAndersAdventure: Karen!

Modality: MRI Tech

Month/Year Joined AG: 7/20


What do you like about working with Anders Group?

I think the best thing I like about Anders is my recruiter Angelo… There hasn’t really been a time that I haven’t been able to get a hold of him and he hasn’t help me through any issues I have. He makes the experience awesome. And I feel like Anders pay packages are competitive with anything else that I’ve seen.


Why do you love your recruiter?

I don’t know where to start about my recruiter. Angelo kept in contact with me even before I was working with Anders and always seemed so wonderful. Covid hit and I was in San Francisco on assignment, thinking I was just going to have to go home and sit for however long once it ended. And then Angelo calls me and tells me he submitted me to Connecticut, which I ended up getting. It’s like he didn’t stop trying to help me get an assignment.  We spoke every day almost, and he always gave me hope that we would find something. Now that he’s my recruiter I feel like that he supports me and will help me with any issues that I have. He does his best to sympathize with my situation and help me find a good solution. I really do feel like he cares about me as a person in my experiences. I absolutely love him.

I love the personal attention that he carves out for me. I do feel like he’s got his work cut out with me, because sometimes I’m a lot. But he never makes me feel like I’m bothering him and he’s always just so sweet and so wonderful.


What made you get into traveling?

I got into traveling because I wanted freedom. I wanted to go out and see places, but work shouldn’t be stressful. So it allows me just to be free and I’m stressed with normal office every day politics.


So far, what has been your favorite assignment location while working with us and why?

I think my favorite assignment was this past one when I went to Yale University New Haven in Connecticut; I got to travel around a couple of days and drive the countryside, and go down to New York. It was pretty cool. I got to see West Point military base from across the Hudson River. It was amazing!

It competes with my first assignment when I went to Boston, Massachusetts. I had the opportunity to ride the train down, go to New York for New Year’s Eve and watch the ball drop at midnight in person! That was a major check on my bucket list. I also got to visit the 911 museum, which in itself was pretty awesome.


Where are some dream locations that you’d love to work in?

I would like to venture off to Hawaii. That would be a neat experience I think.


What is your favorite thing about traveling?

To be honest my favorite thing about traveling is I can go into these facilities and just be present and not have to deal with a lot of the “goings on” in the facilities. I can just work, do my job, and interact with the patients. I don’t have to deal with the heaviness and issues the certain facilities have because I will only be there for a short time. You can do a good job and not be part of the drama. And it’s always nice because it kind of stays away from you being a traveler. In my experience so far…


What were some struggles you’ve faced while traveling?

Some of the struggles mainly that I’ve experienced personally, is that because I have a lot of experience and I know how to do a lot of things, I am left alone to be responsible quicker than usual. While it should be a complement sometimes it’s kind of a curse. When you’re independent and you know how to do certain things they tend to expect a lot more from you early on. At times you almost don’t have time to get familiar with your surroundings, before you’re expected to take over certain tasks. Sometimes it’s a hit or miss on information but, I haven’t had any roadblocks when I have to revisit certain subjects.

The rotation I’m on now is kind of a different kind of a crazy… Because it seems now that I’m here the tech that works there just likes to take off all the time… I don’t know it seems that there’s another person in the department, he doesn’t want to be there LOL.


What are some items on your must have list when packing for an assignment?

The essentials on my must-have list is basically all of my electronics and chargers and cords. You learn to have a process after a while packing up and sorting things out. All of my extra battery packs and such as well. Everything is organized in a certain fashion.


If you met someone that was considering travel, what pearls of wisdom would you give them?

I would tell them just to do it. Nothing is forever, and if they didn’t like it they can always find a job anywhere. You’ll never know if you don’t try. The things I’ve learned is just to be careful when you go into these facilities, and being too available and letting them know everything that you know upfront. Just to avoid any lack of communication.  I got that “pearl” from another traveler I met on an assignment in California.


This is one of my favorite pictures. And it’s acquired on my assignment I am on right now from New Mexico. Seeing, experiencing and just being in the place that you’re at, you’re exposed to so many beautiful things. This is the full moon over the mountains in Alamogordo New Mexico.


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