Things to Consider When Traveling: Housing


So you’ve signed your contract and now is the time to start preparing for your assignment. One of the biggest questions you’ll ask is, where am I going to stay?! Housing is one of the most important components of your contract.

Whether it is in your cousin’s guest bedroom, an extended stay hotel or a short term lease at apartments near the facility, you have to give living arrangements a lot of thought. It can be a simple decision but there are some things that you need to consider before committing. After all, this where you’ll be living for the next 13+ weeks!


How far is it from where you’ll be working? 

For some, a commute is not a big deal, it is just a part of your day.  However, if your assignment is in a big city, you better believe that there will be traffic. Be it only during rush hour or if the highways are gridlocked no matter the time of day, you don’t want to be delayed by it.

Getting to work on time every day is crucial to any job, but it’s even more important as a traveler. If traffic will be an issue, it may be best to find housing that is closer to your facility. The less of a commute the better.


How much does it cost?

For those 13+ weeks, you want to be comfortable yet cost efficient. Make a list of “must haves” that you’ll want in a temporary home, and look at how much you’re willing to pay to stay. Use the list and info and hone in on housing contenders and eliminate those options that won’t meet your needs.

The more you’re spending on housing means there’s less money going into your pocket. It is important to really think about your expenses for the duration of your assignment, especially if your goal is to bring in the most money.


Do you have friends or family in the area?

You may want to consider this: do you have a friend or family member with a spare room or comfy couch? Perfect! You have a chance to spend time with loved ones that you might not have had a chance to see in a while.

This gives you an opportunity to save money and create new memories. If you’re both are comfortable with the arrangement, why not?

This is something to think about when talking to your recruiter about where you want to go next. Do I have family/friends there?


Have a RV?

Traveling from one assignment to the next in your RV is another option for housing. You take your home with you!

You get to save a little bit of money, and it’s an interesting way to see the country. Just think about the memories you will make!


Housing is an extremely important step to planning out your assignment. The fun in finding your own housing is that you can pick your own home base for the next 13+ weeks. Are you saving all the money you can in a Motel 8 or are you living lavish in a condo overlooking the city? The choice is truly yours!

Of course, if you are running into some obstacles or prefer your agency to find and provide housing, your recruiter is always there to help!


Check out these housing resources that you can use when it’s time to decide where you’ll be staying for your assignment(s):

Furnishfinder | Vbro | Airbnb | Apartment List


Any other tips for finding the best housing for an assignment? Leave a comment!

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