Travel healthcare positions can be an ideal career opportunity for new graduates.


What You Need to Know as a New Graduate

It is rare to meet a healthcare professional who has regretted the travel experience. Traveling gives you the opportunity to work and play, all while gaining a deeper understanding of your profession. When our travelers make the transition to a permanent employee, they are confident in their decision. Having experienced so much, they are considered to be well-rounded, sought-after permanent hires. Their previous assignments have helped to strengthen their skills and given them the confidence to recognize where the best permanent home for them is.

Mentorships Available

Your Anders Group recruiter will match you with the facility that allows you to not only gain valuable experience, but offer the mentorship and support you need to make the transition into the workplace.


We encourage new graduates to be flexible in their preferred setting and location since we do need to find you a facility that can offer support resources. Flexibility is key throughout your first few assignments to guarantee success as a travel healthcare professional. As a new graduate, we will need to match you with a facility that is able to offer mentorship and the support needed to gain experience.


Contracting can serve as the ultimate networking tool. Being a traveling healthcare professional you have the potential to work in a variety of settings with other professionals who will help to influence and mentor you as you continue on your professional quest. It is okay to be unsure of what area or setting in which you want to focus. Working as a traveler allows you to see a variety of techniques and environments to find your true passion.