Health Insurance- What does Anders Group Offer?

Anders Group is thankful to be able to offer currently day one medical benefits to our full time travel contractors. We offer health, dental, and vision insurance. In addition, employer paid STD and LTD coverage. We have a variety of plans available depending on what coverage needs you may have.… Read More »

Guest Blog by James Spencer from HoboHealth: How to Decide Where to Travel

People frequently ask me if I get to choose where I go as a traveling therapist. Let’s clear this up right now. Yes. As a traveler, you choose where the recruiter looks for jobs for you, you have the choice of whether you interview for any specific job, and you… Read More »

How do I keep up with all these state licenses?

As a traveler, most will hold a few state licenses. This opens up opportunities available and helps make your profile stand out. For licensure, try to organize information per state in a file from that very first license. Note all dates or items specific to that state’s requirements for their… Read More »

May 2015 Graduates….So Starts Your Professional Journey. But wait, I don’t know what Path I Want to Take?!

Graduation is coming up.  You may be finishing up your last rotation and beginning to study for your certification exams or boards.  Whatever healthcare profession you may fall under, the job hunt is about to come into full swing.   For some, their clinical rotations will confirm what they already… Read More »