Traveling Has Its Benefits

Beaches? Cities? Mountains? Plains? If you can dream it, Anders Group can take you there.

But we also understand that traveling can be expensive. What good is visiting the places on your bucket list if you can’t enjoy them? Anders Group understands that compensation, benefits and perks are important to you and they can make or break your traveling experience.

That’s why we offer a host of practical benefits and perks that allow you to get the most from your experience.

Go and have your adventure – work hard, play hard. We’ll take care of the rest.

The Perks of Traveling With Anders Group

Your recruiter is exactly that – yours. From day one, you’ll have the same recruiter who will act as your main point of contact with Anders Group 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you have questions, concerns, or you just need to check in – your recruiter is here for you.

Traveling without insurance is a gamble we don’t think you should have to take. Our travelers are eligible for benefits on the day they become an Anders Group employee. They include medical, dental, vision, life and liability insurance.

We also offer a 401(k) program and opportunities to earn continuing education credits.

Traveling is expensive – but not with Anders Group. We provide reimbursements on your most critical expenses as well as applicable per diems. Your recruiter will go over reimbursements and allowances with you before you accept a position so there is never a surprise.

Anders Group assists employees in obtaining licenses and reimbursing associated fees, including renewal of licensure. Each state may have different requirements, and we will help you through that process.

We know when you refer a friend to us, you not only trust us, you also appreciate us and want to share the Anders Group experience with others. We are thankful to our employees who refer talented friends; and to say thanks, we provide referral rewards.

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