Full-Service Workforce Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for staffing today’s healthcare facilities. Every situation is unique, and your challenges require individualized attention.

Anders Group takes a team-based approach to meeting your most urgent therapy and nursing staffing needs, with a streamlined approach. We put the full resources of our team behind every solution, and you receive a single point of contact who will be your one-to-one resource, so your experience is streamlined and optimized.

Client Services

Anders will provide you with professionals to fill immediate and urgent needs. These short-term contracts – typically 13 weeks – can be filled quickly with top-tier talent to cover:

  • Urgent openings
  • Medical leave
  • Staffing up a new facility
  • Covering a position while you search for a permanent replacement

Reduce hiring risk by testing a professional on the job before committing to a permanent offer. Evaluate skills and fit and get a real sense for how a new staff member will contribute to your team. At the end of the contract term, you have the option to hire the professional, or continue your search with no obligation.

Sourcing top talent is a challenge in today’s climate. It takes time and energy that many teams simply don’t have to spare. Anders Group eliminates that challenge by acting as a seamless extension of your internal recruiting team, filling key positions accurately and efficiently while controlling costs and reducing time-to-hire.

Fill Your Urgent Staffing Needs Today.