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Meet the Leaders of Anders Group

You are committed to healthcare, we are committed to your success.

These are the leaders working behind the scenes every day to ensure our clients and professionals achieve their goals.

josh headshot
Josh Davis


"As President/Founder, my goal is to positively impact the lives of our employees and clients we work with nationwide. At Anders Group I believe we provide an environment where people will be able to say they are successful, made a positive impact, and developed both personally and professionally. I enjoy being able to meet new people and learn from the ideas they bring to the table. It’s all about surrounding yourself with talented people who want to succeed!"

nicole headshot
Nicole Cox


"I am so thankful for Anders Group. We wanted to do staffing differently-focusing on people and relationships. Incredible to see the growth we have achieved as a team, with our travelers, clients and corporate office."

Carlos Headshot
Carlos Rios

SVP of Strategic Initiatives

"I enjoy working at Anders Group due to its dynamic and supportive environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. The company's emphasis on innovation and collaboration aligns with my values, allowing me to contribute meaningfully to projects while learning from diverse perspectives. The genuinely appreciative culture and opportunities for skill development make Anders Group a fulfilling and engaging workplace for me."

Joel Headshot
Joel Miller

SVP of Human Resources

"Anders Group provides a valuable and noble service of placing healthcare professionals in roles which support the care and well-being of patients.  Working at Anders provides an opportunity either directly or indirectly to have a positive impact on someone’s life for the best.  It’s a great feeling and personally rewarding!"

kevin headshot
Kevin Huish

Director of Government Sales

"The Culture and People of Anders Group is what attracted me initially.. Before joining Anders Group, I sat with employees, leadership and the owners. I knew immediately I wanted to be part of the Anders Family.”

Cindy headshot
Cindy Gonzalez

Director of Quality & Credentialing

"Anders Group has a great culture that makes everyone feel like family. I enjoy working with everyone and being a part of this huge growth!"

lauren headshot
Lauren Snapp

Director of People

“Anders Group has grown so much since I joined in 2016. It’s exciting to be part of the growth and witnessing how everyone’s contributions allow us all to succeed.”

Nina Blamey

Director of Billing and Payroll

Watching Anders grow has been exciting. My favorite aspect of my job is the variety of work. I love that every day presents me with different challenges and variables. Can't wait to see what the future holds. 

Stephen Grindrod Headshot
Stephen Grindrod

Director of IT Management


"What I enjoy most about Anders Group is that we are always looking for ways to improve processes and be more efficient by leveraging the latest staffing technologies."

russell headshot
Russell Bohannon

Director of Marketing

"The thing I enjoy most about Anders Group is the people. Everyone here is friendly, supportive, and make work fun every day."

Profile pic
AJ Harbin

Recruiting Manager

I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate, helping others, while at the same time challenge myself to achieving goals. I love being part of a positive culture. Along with ownership that goes out of their way to help the team achieve goals. This company allows me to be myself and I look forward to continued growth for the organization. 

Aliyana Headshot
Aliyana McDaniel

Recruiting Manager

"Anders Group has been a huge opportunity for me to grow my career & build others who strive for growth. I enjoy helping build a company & culture I’m proud to be apart of!"

Brad Headshot
Brad Hood

Recruiting Manager

"Anders Group is a great place to work, it provides opportunity for career development and growth while allowing the chance to work with some of the best people in the industry.  I enjoyed my time with Anders so much, I have done it twice!"

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People are talking about Anders Group

"Great overall experience with Anders Group! Any questions that I have is answered promptly! What they say is what they actually do. This is my second contract with this company and I look forward to having more!"

Pamela R.

"I'm an allied healthcare worker that has worked with Anders for 3 assignments thus far. I love working with them. If you have any questions or concerns I trust that they'll be honest with the results and I believe that they do care about you and your decisions."

Courtney L.

"I've worked with several different companies over the course of 5 years. Anders seems to pay better and they have that small time feel to them which I like. My recruiter always answers the phone when I call. He stays with me through the entirety of my contract which is important to me.. Great company."

Jan S.

"Great people to work for. I am only on my first travel assignment with this group and so far I have no complaints. My recruiter, Chris, is very attentive and personable. Recently received an awesome 'swag bag' from this thoughtful team. If you are a healthcare professional seeking travel work, give Anders Group a call and prepare to be delighted."

Caleb M.

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