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Balancing Work and Adventure: Maximize Travel Healthcare Opportunities

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Why do so many healthcare professionals choose to be healthcare travelers? Some say because it’s always a new work challenge, while others simply love traveling, and there are some who seek the high pay and impressive benefits. Here are a few responses from healthcare professionals that we asked why they choose to balance their work with adventure:

  • Traveling gives me greater control over when, how much, and where I work.
  • Travel Healthcare helps me achieve a better work/life balance.
  • Working in healthcare as a traveler lets me stay out of hospital politics.
  • Higher pay scale and great benefits are amazing.
  • Meeting new people and making new friends is exciting.
  • Reduced workplace conflicts appeals to me.
  • Opportunity to experience new locations is what I love.
  • I love meeting other healthcare professionals and making new friends.

Earning While Learning with Anders Group

Travel Healthcare is an exciting way to earn top dollar doing the work you love while having your own personal adventure with each new assignment and learning new procedures.

Not everyone seeks the allure of travel, but for those who do, working as a healthcare traveler offers a unique lifestyle and a sense of freedom you would not otherwise have.

Working with Anders Group allows you to choose the right assignments which also matches your personal interests. When you can step into a high-demand, well-paying position in adventure-rich locations, you can experience a beautiful balance of work/life.

Anders Group will help you with time management strategies and efficient scheduling, to make it much easier to prioritize your work commitments in sync with your personal time.

An especially rewarding benefit of working with Anders Group is the personal growth and professional development you gain while you work. The diverse experience you gain working in various healthcare settings will power up your CV/Resume and set the stage for exploring new horizons.

Explore New Places as You Connect with Other Travelers

While working as a healthcare traveler and exploring new places, you have the chance to take in local attractions and experiences – perhaps with the new friends you’ve made along the way. Your work assignment takes on a new dimension when you’re able to incorporate adventure into every new place you go.

As you travel from one assignment to the next you will connect with fellow healthcare travelers, sharing your experiences and learning from one another. You have the chance to be part of a supportive community of healthcare professionals which can develop into lifelong friendships.

Support from Super Heroes

While any profession has its share of challenges, the Anders Group healthcare travelers have a team of professionals available 24/7 to help navigate challenges or the unexpected. The Anders Group support team will help you through any issues you might experience while working in an unfamiliar setting.

There’s always financial rewards to take advantage of. While some want the generous pay to help cover a new home or car expense, others seek to pay off a college loan fast. One of the prime benefits of Anders Group is the way they help you with actionable tips and guidance for managing your finances while traveling. Understanding the importance of managing day to day finances helps cushion the savings you can build for future travel adventures.

Why Anders Group?

Every business likes to talk about having ‘exceptional customer service’, but we think of it a bit differently. We go beyond talking about it. We live it. Anders Group was born with a people-first philosophy and that continues to be our central focus. The dedicated recruiters with Anders Group are accessible, experienced, caring, and always there when you need them – even if it’s a phone call after working hours.

If you’re on a new assignment in a new location, we will help you find the best places to eat, the sights to take in, and the fun places to go. You’ll likely never be alone unless you want to be. There’s always something new and exciting to experience wherever you go with Anders Group. Check out our Location Spotlight.

With Anders Group, you can check off your travel bucket list while getting paid to travel. We work with allied health professionals, nurses, and therapists to find the very best travel healthcare opportunities across the United States.

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