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Why are Radiology Techs So In Demand These Days?

Radiology techs working with medical imaging equipment, illustrating a blog titled 'Why are Radiology Techs So In Demand These Days?

There are hundreds of opportunities for radiology techs. Check out your options with Anders Group!

Today, radiology techs are in extreme demand just about anywhere in the country. The reason is due, in large part, to the aging population.  As a result, the need for radiology services is greatly amplified. Elderly individuals usually require more medical imaging services so the increased demand on the radiology workforce is being felt in healthcare facilities everywhere.

Radiology technologists, radiology technicians, and CT techs is are skilled healthcare professionals with expertise in operating imaging equipment which captures medical images of a patient’s internal structures. But if you’re a radiology professional, you already know this.

Images such as these are essential for diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring of various medical conditions. Working closely with other medical specialists and physicians, Radiology technicians are relied on to interpret the images to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality.

Rad Techs – Travel, Work, Learn New Technology, and Make More Money

For skilled doctors and rad techs who love their work and also love to travel, Anders Group has an opportunity you won’t find just everywhere. It’s possible, even popular, to take your skills as a rad tech on the road and make more money while you see the country instead of the same four walls each day.

Think of it like this. Working with Anders Group can be ‘a max-protein smoothie for your career’. You’ll discover how the valuable experience of working with different patient populations within various health facilities while gaining valuable skills is a measurable boost to your career. Not to mention, the training and courses that are endorsed and encouraged by Anders Group.

And, when it comes to the travel part, all you need to do is decide where you’d like to go. The Anders Group Team of recruiters will work diligently to match your skills with a location of your choice. The opportunity to work in a technologically advanced facility would put you in touch with the latest innovations.

Because the field of medical imaging is evolving so rapidly with advancements in imaging technology, there are exciting advancements to learn more about. Newer imaging methods such as CT scans, MRI, and interventional radiology techniques are being used more widely than ever and require highly skilled radiology technicians to operate and read the results.

Explore More. Meet Exciting Challenges and People.

One of the most exciting things about working with Anders Group is the chance to go to places you’ve never been. Maybe in your heart of hearts, you’re really an adventurer. That would be a good thing because you can travel, explore, discover great places and ideas with Anders Group. And it may surprise you to know how many jobs are waiting for you in the field of radiology. If anyone asks the question: “Are radiology techs in demand?” we can honestly say with a glimmer in our eye, “Oh, yeah, and in no small way!”

Seriously, there are hundreds of healthcare facilities in need of doctors and they’re scrambling to find them. Anders Group is on the front line filling these hot assignments. When you pack your bag and take your ‘in demand’ skills on the road, you will be amazingly gratified to discover how generous the pay is. You’re essentially traveling, working, learning new technologies, having plenty of fun, meeting other people in your profession, and adding impressive new skills and experience to your resume.

If you have any doubts about your decision, just ask any of our healthcare travelers and listen to their stories. Sure, you may be a little doubtful about picking up and moving forward, but one thing you can count on with Anders Group – there will always be someone to contact, day or night, with a question, an issue, or just for a pep talk. We even have a highly skilled Clinical Liaison who will keep you on the up and up should you run into a clinical question you’re not sure about.

Get on Board with Anders Group

When you become an Anders Group Healthcare Traveler, you will receive full benefits from day one. These include medical, dental, vision, life, and liability insurance, plus travel reimbursements and tax-free per diem.

You will also have easy access to the Anders Group Traveler Essentials: downloadable content to help you understand your pay package, how to optimize your profile, and how to use social media to your advantage.

Rad techs of all types are needed in nearly every healthcare setting, from major hospitals to outpatient clinics and more. Anders Group allows you to choose your career path as a travel radiologist or radiology tech. Learn more about radiology specialties and how we can serve you. Go to Jobs for Radiology Professionals and get started today. 

Bring your quality radiology skills and your sincere desire to earn big, learn big, see the country, and have lots of fun. Think about this question because we will be asking you…

Where Do You Want to Go Today?

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