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A Clinical Liaison is a Healthcare Traveler’s Best Friend

Image of a Clinical Liaison engaged in conversation with a healthcare professional

Unique to Anders Group, our Clinical Liaison is a trusted connection with answers for its travelers.

Becoming a healthcare traveler offers excitement, adventure, great pay, advancement, and more, but it can also present challenges, especially if you haven’t done it before. It can be challenging to make adjustments to a new location, working with different procedures, or managing the unexpected. Whether new or a tenured traveler, it’s always best to have a reliable, knowledgeable contact while on assignment.

Perhaps one of the worst things a healthcare traveler might encounter is feeling alone. That’s where a Clinical Liaison can step in to support you while on assignment in a new place surrounded by people you don’t know, and sometimes a clinical or personal issue that can be baffling.

Built-In Value and Trust

Because experienced Clinical Liaisons have had similar experiences in situations that a travel nurse or healthcare traveler has questions about, they have more understanding of the travelers’ concerns and can respond empathetically to help them deal with the situation effectively.

Anders Group fully understands the value of an experienced healthcare professional in the role of Clinical Liaison. That’s why we have an experienced, savvy healthcare staff on the team, bringing expertise to the Anders Group Team, helping our travelers to better adapt and feel at ease on each of their traveling assignments.

The role of a Clinical Liaison is a natural extension of Anders’ traveler recruiters. They are active and reliable when travelers who are on assignment call on her for answers. For healthcare travelers, they are a ‘safe place’ to go to get clinical answers to clinic questions; a knowledgeable resource who is always there when needed.

Because our Clinical Liaison serves as a reliable ‘connection with answers’, our healthcare travelers can feel confident in their new surroundings, comfortable with different procedures, more relaxed among new associates, and less worried if the unexpected challenge arises. 

Skills, Knowledge, and Caring

Anders Group entrusts our Clinical Liaison with providing many services, some of which include the following:

  • Coordination of certain requests of healthcare travelers.
  • Interfaces with healthcare travel recruiters about resolution of traveler’s concerns. 
  • Provides direction about procedures the healthcare traveler may be unfamiliar with.
  • Monitors competencies and performance of healthcare travelers based on CL suggestions.
  • Works cooperatively with other Anders Group personnel in a team effort to accomplish objectives for a happy, positive healthcare traveler.
  • Serves as team leader, providing direction and supervision as it relates to Anders Group protocols and mission. 
  • Maintains positive and cooperative communications and collaboration with healthcare travelers and internal personnel.

Professional Clinical Liaison skills that ensure quality interaction with both healthcare travelers and internal employees include:

  • Strong problem solving, time management, and critical thinking skills. 
  • Strong command of English language and good communication skills. 
  • Advanced understanding of HIPAA regulations and privacy protocols.
  • Strong foundation in medical and healthcare knowledge.
  • Understanding of medical terminology, patient care processes, and treatment protocols.
  • Ability to ensure accurate information exchange.

Balance, Empathy, and Easy Access

Travel nurses and healthcare travelers often work in high-stress healthcare settings, so part of a Clinical Liaison’s responsibility is maintaining strong interpersonal skills. They are trusted to be empathetic, approachable, and someone you can always trust, even if your concern seems insurmountable. Building rapport and understanding the unique needs of each of our travelers is a critical skill set for success as a Clinical Liaison.

Because the Clinical Liaison works closely with healthcare travelers, they can be instrumental in assessing whether a travel candidate is prepared for a particular travel assignment, especially if the assignment is of a more challenging nature or something outside the usual job scope. Working together over time with healthcare travelers provides Clinical Liaisons with enough insight to help evaluate travelers’ skill sets and personality. This helps in future assignments focusing on the individual’s skills and level of training.

At Anders Group, we rely on the select skills of our Clinical Liaisons, like Sabrina Williams, an experienced, savvy, fully licensed and highly experienced Registered Nurse on the team. We entrust her with the care and support of our nursing and healthcare travelers, knowing that while they are on assignment, they have access to the knowledge and answers they need to perform at their highest and best.

You’re Never Alone

When you’re a healthcare traveler with Anders Group, you will always have a sounding board that’s just a phone call, text, or email away. Besides the quality support provided by our Clinical Liaison, you have 24/7/365 attention from our amazing Anders Group Recruiters. If a need arises or a question comes up, never mind it’s 10:00 p.m. If you call, you will get an answer.

If you’re interested in becoming a Travel Nurse or a Healthcare Traveler within other healthcare areas, contact Anders Group and discover for yourself some of the most impressive opportunities and benefits in the industry, including the support of an experienced Client Liaison.

Watch Sabrina Williams and imagine the advantages of having her as your professional ‘go-to’ person for any questions you might have while on assignment with Anders Group. 


We look forward to working with you!

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