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What Makes Allied Travel Healthcare Ideal? Travel. Trust. Transparency

Allied Travel Healthcare professionals walking together, embodying travel, trust, and transparency values

If you’re an allied healthcare traveler who relies on travel, trust, and transparency, you will love working with Anders Group. What are you waiting for?

In the world of travel healthcare there’s probably nothing more exciting than the option to travel and explore new places and cultures, while doing the work you enjoy, and earning very generous pay and benefits. But there are other important factors that allied healthcare travelers want and need to make the ideal package. Two of those are trust and transparency.

Trust is the Anders Group Promise

First of all, going all in as an allied or nursing healthcare traveler, you need to feel confident and secure that you’re working with people you can trust. You’re venturing into new territory with each new assignment. Knowing that you can confidently rely on the people you’re working with means you can relax, concentrate on your job, and trust that someone at Anders Group will always be there to support you.

No matter what the issue, our dedicated recruiters are available to speak with you by phone, text, or email, anytime, day or night. If there is a question about an assignment, there will always be someone who has your back. Anders’ Clinical Liaison can help you with procedures you may be unfamiliar with or simply be there to give you a helpful suggestion in a difficult situation.

Transparency is the Anders Group Approach

Anders Group has a data-driven, pay transparency approach when it comes to your assignments, the pay scale for each assignment, your benefits from day one, and what’s expected of you regarding your performance while on assignment. We believe in empowerment through transparency, giving our healthcare professionals the advantage of knowing what they’re worth.

Anders Group healthcare travelers feel valued and confident they are receiving competitive compensation based on skill and experience, ensuring fair pay structures across all travel positions. Our focus is on performance, not pay complexity. This fosters a culture that values performance and professional growth over ambiguous pay structures.

By focusing on what you do best, you’re better able to deliver excellent patient care knowing your performance will be appreciated and rewarded. 

Listen to Co-Founder, Nicole Cox candidly talk about pay transparency at Anders Group.


Travel Where You Choose with Anders Group 

When you become an Anders Group healthcare traveler, you’ll enjoy the powerful advantages of travel, trust, and transparency from your very first day. You have the option to request where you would like to go and our savvy team of recruiters will go above and beyond to match your skills with that destination. We have a large database with many destinations and jobs waiting for you.

We also invest in your professional growth. Anders Group provides resources to help you enhance your career goals, engage in learning new technologies and procedures, supporting you along the way to excel in your goals. There are numerous opportunities when you travel to exciting destinations where you will make new friends, meet other professionals in your field, explore other cultures and experience historical venues.

Why Be an Allied Healthcare Traveler?

For one thing, a permanent job can be stifling. You’re limited to time off and vacations. But as an Anders Group Traveler you have the opportunity to visit and experience your desired locations while receiving a generous paycheck for doing the work you enjoy! Flexibility and freedom to enjoy an adventure in your own time is a life-changer. We will even help you build a strong travel resume and portfolio so you’ll always be prepared for your next step forward.

And don’t worry about navigating job postings or filling out applications, our expert Anders Group Team will walk you through each step of the journey, so that you will feel comfortable and confident as you get on board and become an Anders Group Traveler.

Whether you’re just out of school, a seasoned allied healthcare worker, or an empty nester consider the many advantages of taking your skills on the road! Enjoy the fascination of awe-inspiring ocean views, towering mountains, cities buzzing with activity, and quiet country towns where everyone knows each other.

Make travel a part of your career path and you may be astonished at the positive outcomes you’ll discover. Don’t get stuck in a job where you feel like a captive in one place for who knows how long. Pack your bags, tell us what measure of excitement you’d like to explore, and we’ll get to work finding exciting travel assignments for you that will make work feel more like play. But first…take time to look at the wide array of Travel Allied Health Jobs  Anders Group has to offer.

Then, that’s the time to contact us and answer our question:

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