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Where are Travel Nurses in Highest Demand?

Image of nurses in a hospital setting, representing the demand for travel nurses in various locations for the blog 'Where are Travel Nurses in Highest Demand?

With Anders Group, travel nurse opportunities take you where you want to go. 

Disregard any fear-inducing headlines you may have read about the demand for travel nurses slowing down. In fact, the vital lifeline for hospitals and clinics made possible by travel nurses is in higher demand than ever going into 2024 – especially in key states such as Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts and California.

At Anders Group, we avidly appreciate that travel nurses provide a flexible, adaptable way to fill staffing gaps and respond to patient increases. The pivotal role travel nurses play helps to ensure that quality healthcare is accessible to all, year-round.

Texas fluctuates between the No.1 and No.2 spot. Texas is experiencing increased population growth recently, in part due to people and companies moving to the Lone Star State. The Houston, Austin and Dallas areas are among some of the fastest-growing Texas cities.

Travel Nurse Opportunities in Texas

Texas is one of the best places for nurses to take a travel nursing assignment. First, the state offers a diverse range of top-quality healthcare institutions giving nurses the opportunity to work in prestigious, innovative environments with access to the latest technology. The lower-than-average cost of living is also very appealing and it is one of the best states for travel nurses who are looking for winter travel assignments.

Being a travel nurse offers excitement itself, but Texas offers the ultimate fun for adventure-seekers. Texans are known for their friendly, welcoming vibes, and the state is a remarkable blend of urban, suburban, and rural communities, allowing you to explore the richness and diversity of Texan culture. You’ll find excellent professional nursing opportunities and memorable fun in the Lone Star State.

Check out some of the current openings: Travel Registered Nurse Jobs in Texas

Travel Nurse Opportunities in Massachusetts

Massachusetts offers Travel RNs an exceptional opportunity to be in the Northeast and advance their careers.

Boston is home to world-renowned medical centers such as Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital. Boston offers a rich historical and cultural heritage, top-tier academic institutions, and a vibrant city life with an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Culinary delights famous in the state include Clam chowder, Oysters, Yankee pot roast, and Boston cream pie.

Check out some of the current openings: Travel Nursing Jobs in Massachusetts

Travel Nurse Opportunities in Ohio

Ohio is a great place for nurses to take a travel nursing assignment.

From diverse healthcare facilities and competitive compensation to cultural attractions, outdoor adventures, and Midwestern hospitality, Ohio is a wealth of opportunities and adventure. The one and only Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland will entertain you. For outdoor enthusiasts, explore two miles of underground passageways in the Ohio Caverns in Champaign County. Hocking Hills State Park near Columbus offers canoeing, zip lining, camping and guided nature hikes.

Check out some of the current openings: Travel Nursing Jobs in Ohio

The top 10 states currently in highest demand for travel nurses:

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Ohio
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Missouri
  6. Pennsylvania 
  7. New York 
  8. North Carolina 
  9. Virginia
  10. Arizona

Anders Group has numerous travel nurse jobs available in Texas and other states throughout the country. View our jobs page and click on your preferred specialty to get specific details of location, pay rate, and duration of assignment.

Anders Group invites you to check out the amazing travel nurse options available to those who get on board with us. Not only are the opportunities impressive, the benefits of being an Anders Group Traveler are quite comprehensive. From day one, our travel nurses receive: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Liability Insurance; Travel Reimbursements; and Tax-Free Per Diems.

Anders Group also provides a helpful, downloadable Pay Package Guide to help you understand and manage your pay package.  

Contact Anders Group today and let us answer any questions you may have. 

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