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Canadians Can Become US Travel Healthcare Workers, No Visa!

Blog titled 'Canadians can Become US Travel Healthcare Workers, No Visa!' with an image of Canadian luggage placed on top of a map showing Canada and the US

To our Canadian healthcare workers, come work in Travel Healthcare in the U.S. -- see iconic locations, meet new friends, and earn the big pay you deserve.

Canadian Allied Healthcare Professionals can discover the advantages of working in the U.S. as a Travel Allied Healthcare professional, while exploring new locations, earning generous pay, and discovering the value of working with Anders Group.

Celebrating Canada Day on July 1st is a special event to all dedicated Canadian healthcare professionals. It’s an important milestone in the history of a great nation and we salute you! We also want to invite you to join us in the U.S. for some of the highest paying travel allied healthcare positions available in our country.

If you want to really embrace your adventurous Canadian spirit, join us at Anders Group here in the U.S. and fill the huge demand of excellent opportunities for Travel Allied Healthcare professionals. It’s your ticket to exploring iconic locations in the U.S. you’ve always wanted to experience. 

You can remain a Canadian resident and still work in the U.S. There’s a streamlined process for placement in the U.S. working in travel healthcare positions. In fact, a rather fascinating guest post was written for Travel Therapy Mentor by Eni Kader, Canadian PT working in the U.S. as a Travel PT. Although she is a Canadian citizen, she has found a brilliant way to work in the U.S. while maintaining her Canadian citizenship. She even went on to complete her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in the United States. Go here for helpful information about Working in the U.S.

Anders Group Advantages

When you work with Anders Group in the U.S. you’re stepping into an environment of comprehensive support and caring. Anders Group is people-centric and the minute you sign on you’ll feel it right away. Our dedicated staff will guide you each step of the way and they’re always there for you when you’re traveling. They are available 24/7 for chats, answers to questions, or just a boost of confidence should you need it.

On the job you’ll feel that same support with access to our Clinical Liaison, standing by to answer questions or offer guidance to issues that pertain to your job. Different practices and settings may have various protocols and understanding what’s expected of you is critical. New technologies may present an element of uncertainty and a chat with our Clinical Liaison can dispel any concerns that arise.

Work. Learn. Excel.

Career development as a healthcare traveler may sound difficult, but the fact is, the life of a healthcare traveler is enhanced by versatility and adaptability. Being able to quickly become adept at adjusting to new environments and clinical challenges, underscores the high value that adds to learning while working in the healthcare field. The rich array of experiences showcases the ability to thrive in diverse settings.

These roles are also excellent for networking. Healthcare travelers meet many professionals from various backgrounds, each interaction adding to their professional network. This can lead to unexpected career opportunities and collaborations, opening doors that might otherwise remain unopened.

Travel Allied Healthcare offers diverse opportunities in many roles, encouraging professional growth and personal discovery. If you decide to change direction along the way, your recruiter will work with you to define what’s best and get you on course. You’ll never have to make decisions on your own if you don’t want to. We understand that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Your Choice is Our First Priority.

Anders Group prioritizes the best interests of our travelers. We take the time to understand your skills, interests, and career goals and thoughtfully match you to assignments that enable professional growth and personal fulfillment. You are our first priority, so making the right decisions about your healthcare choices is something we take seriously. Our expert recruiters will guide you through each step from applications through understanding your pay and benefits to details of every assignment.

If you’re interested in higher learning opportunities compared to traditional positions, working with Anders Group is the place to be. You can chart your course for career assignments that will enhance and showcase your skills and expertise. We invest in your professional growth and provide resources to help you reach your career goals, engage in learning new technologies and procedures, and support you every inch of the way. 

The opportunities are full of potential when you travel to exciting destinations where you will make new friends, meet other professionals in your field, explore other cultures, and experience historical venues. 

Apply to an available position in the location of choice. Your designated Anders Group Recruiter will reach out to you and match you with the right assignment based on your preferences, skills, experience, and goals. Join Anders Group today.  Pack your bags and get ready for your first of many adventures! 

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