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Texas Travel CT Techs Gain Major Benefits with Anders Group

Two healthcare workers in Texas, smiling, under the blog title 'Travel CT Tech Healthcare Workers in Texas Enjoy Big Advantages'

Texas is among the states with a high demand for qualified CT Tech health professionals.

There are hundreds of outstanding advantages to being a Travel CT Tech Healthcare Worker, especially if you work with Anders Group. And if you work in Texas, the advantages are even greater!

The Lone Star State is so much more than its 268,597 mi² of sprawling land mass. There are approximately 395,000 people who relocate to Texas every year. There must be some viable reasons for doing so. 

Good Vibes and Over-the-Top Reasons to Work in Texas

Pay rates - Pay rates are competitive with other Travel Healthcare companies.

Income tax advantages - Texas has no personal income tax, so the working class doesn't pay state tax on wages, retirees don't pay state income tax on retirement benefits, and investors don't pay state tax on investment income.

Cost of living - Texas has a 7% lower cost of living than the national average and housing is 17% lower than the national average. Texas has an average monthly electricity cost of $154, a monthly natural gas cost of $56 and an average monthly fuel cost of $206. As for the basics, groceries are around 4% lower than the rest of the country and clothing costs are 4% lower.

Outdoor recreation - There’s plenty to do and see in Texas with theme parks, museums, close to 7,000 lakes for boating and fishing, theatre arts, extensive dining variations, and many historical sites such as The Alamo, San Antonio River Walk, Big Bend National Park, Log Cabin Village, Inner Space Cavern, and Cadillac Ranch to name a few.

Friendly neighborhoods – A common characteristic among the majority of Texans is their friendly nature, the state motto is actually Friendship. Texans embrace newcomers with a warm, community-inspired welcome, whether in the city, suburbs, or a cozy, rural neighborhood.

Anders Group is proud to call Texas our corporate home and we offer numerous opportunities for Travel CT Tech Healthcare professionals in a diverse range of healthcare specialties. Travel healthcare workers have the option to request where, when, and how long regarding assignments. Designated recruiters go the distance to match skills with destination, preferred dates, and length of assignments, with our large database of open opportunities providing plenty of choices. 

Besides the extensive opportunities available to Travel Healthcare professionals, Anders Group provides you with resources to help reach your career goals, engage in learning new technologies and procedures, supporting you along the way to excel now and in the future. When you travel and work with us you will experience the excitement of new destinations, making new friends, meeting other professionals in your field, and exploring different cultures and historical sites.

Pay and benefits are a popular recurring question, so get some of the answers quickly when you visit this site. You’ll discover the over-and-above benefits Anders Group offers. From day one, you will receive full benefits, which include:  medical, dental, vision, life, and liability insurance, plus travel reimbursements and tax-free per diems. 

And, when you work in Texas, you can expect big pay as well as big discoveries. For instance, you may decide to buy your first pair of Tony Lama boots. That’s only one of the many iconic boot makers in the Lone Star State. Or what about a getaway to Galveston Island or a tour of the Alamo.

Anders Group is There for You 

While you’re traveling, whether in Texas or anywhere else in the U.S., you will be fully supported by the dedicated Anders Group recruiters who stand ready to help whenever called upon. Just a phone call or email will get you in touch with the 24/7 staff who put you as their first priority. If you get stymied by a technical question or issue at work, contact our Clinical Liaison who will give you the answers you need. Even if you feel a bit blue or lonely because you haven’t been on the road very much, there’s always a friendly Anders Group contact waiting to listen and give you a boost.

Here's what some of our Travel CT Tech Healthcare professionals have to say about their experiences working with Anders Group:

“I never really thought much about Texas being a fun place to visit, but was I surprised! My pay was more than usual and the people I worked with at the hospital were so nice.”

“My cousin worked as a Travel CT Tech Healthcare worker with Anders Group for several years right out of college and she loved the freedom and flexibility, so I gave it a try. Good decision. I’m still traveling.”

“When I learned about the demand for techs, I thought – why not! The pay is so much more, I may just keep doing it. Besides, I like seeing new places and meeting new people.”

Make a decision you’ll never regret and get on board with Anders Group. No matter where you are in your career path -- newbie, veteran, retiree, empty-nester, or simply ready for some serious adventure traveling work, you can bank on steady, great-paying assignments with Anders Group.

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