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Pump Up Your Radiology Career With Travel Healthcare

Travel Healthcare is also a powerful, rewarding strategy to integrate authenticity and work/life harmony.  

Brad’s Story

Brad was off to a good start establishing his radiology career and he felt really good about it, but the routine had become a bit uninspiring and less than motivating. He was feeling the need to ditch the cubicle and hit the road. He really wanted to get out and travel more, go places he had never been. So, he decided to check into travel healthcare. To his surprise, what he found was more intriguing than he had imagined.

Brad wanted more flexibility, not fixed schedules, more freedom to make his own decisions. After looking into travel healthcare, he realized it was an ideal way to choose his assignments, where they were located, and how long each one would be. His instincts told him Anders Group was his best option, enabling him to explore new cities, experience diverse cultures, and transform his work trips into new adventures.

Working with Anders Group could be like ‘career growth on steroids’, Brad thought. Being able to experience different patient populations within various health facilities while gaining valuable skills that would look great on his resume. But he wanted to be sure so he continued his search to feel confident he was making the best career decision.

Taking an Exciting, Giant Step to Your Greater Good

Brad expected there would be new things he would have to adjust to: new environments, new healthcare systems, and new co-workers. Being adaptable was important. He knew that finding the right fit was essential and matching his skills and interests to the right assignments was crucial.

Brad decided to connect with other experienced travel professionals as he continued his search. He wanted to get the scoop first-hand. People he spoke with had positive things to say about Anders Group. So, after a deep dive into what Anders Group had to offer, he felt confident they had the opportunities and benefits that were right for him. 

The fact that Anders Group took work/life balance seriously and offered 24/7/365 support, meant he could always get answers he needed. That was a big plus. And, knowing there were opportunities with Anders Group to build meaningful connections while gaining valuable career development was what finalized his decision.

What Brad Brought to Anders Group

As a radiologist, Brad had a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology. He had solid skills in operating imaging equipment and was familiar with the various imaging modalities such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds. But even still, he knew there was more to learn.

Brad’s strong computer skills and knowledge of software had given him an advantage in his radiology career, along with his attention to detail. Because radiology is a field of lifelong learning, Brad was excited that he would have easy access to learning advancements in new technologies working with Anders Group.

Time management was a particular skill that worked well for Brad, allowing him time to manage his work hours and still have time to explore sites in new locations and make new friends. He liked the idea of collaborating with different healthcare colleagues, learning new methodologies, problem-solving, and using his critical thinking skills.

Stories like Brad’s are a pleasure to share for those of us at Anders Group. Our dedicated teams of recruiters work diligently to ensure the ongoing success of each of our healthcare travelers. If there’s a question or an issue, they are on call to help. Nobody is ever alone. And the full range of benefits from day one, lets everyone who joins us know they are appreciated.

As a healthcare traveler, you receive full benefits, which include: medical, dental, vision, life, and liability insurance, plus travel reimbursements and tax-free per diems.

You also have easy access to the Anders Group Traveler Essentials: downloadable content to help you understand your pay package, how to optimize your profile, and how to use social media to your advantage.

Radiologists of all types are needed in nearly every healthcare setting, from major hospitals to outpatient clinics and more. Anders Group allows you to choose your career path as a travel radiologist or radiology tech. Learn more about the Radiology, Cath Lab, and Laboratory specialties we staff and how we can serve you. 

Learn from Brad’s story and realize how simple it is to make a decision that will catapult your career to new heights, take you to exciting venues, upgrade your career development, and pay you very well. All the while, you can enjoy your work and have the freedom to explore new destinations and have fun. 

Apply to an available position in the travel destination you want and your designated Anders Group Recruiter will reach out to you and match you with the right facilities based on your preferences, skills, and experience.

Take a tip from Brad and get the freedom, career boost, and great pay you deserve with Anders Group.

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