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Discover Adventure and Opportunity as a Travel Physical Therapist

Taking that first step can feel a bit shaky, but otherwise, how could you ever learn to run?

Maggie loved her work as a Physical Therapist, but she wanted to see new places and meet new people. She had lived in the same place most of her life and wanted the excitement of traveling, especially if she could live somewhere warmer to enjoy the outdoors.

Maggie also wanted more professional development, so the opportunity to learn new procedures and still explore different locations seemed like the best of both worlds. She had been out of school for less than a year, but friends had mentioned healthcare travel and how the pay was really great, so she wanted to learn more about it. She decided to do some searching online for travel therapy jobs.

After spending several days doing online searching, Maggie came across Anders Group and was intrigued by what she discovered. There were scads of available opportunities in travel therapy, locations, settings and shifts she could choose from. She was drawn to the idea of the flexibility and freedom you could have working with Anders Group. The range of travel locations was all over the country.

Making a Life-Changing Decision

Maggie decided to make the decision and set about getting on board with Anders Group. She was delighted by the benefits she started receiving from day one: medical, dental, vision, life, and liability insurance, plus travel reimbursements and tax-free per diems.

Since Anders Group offers continuing education and mentorships, Maggie was excited that she would be able to hone her professional skills and do so in different healthcare settings. It was also a great way to expand her network and build connections with new colleagues. That was important to Maggie because she wanted to have a clear idea of her options. After all, she may eventually decide to stay in one of the locations she likes best.

It was a real plus to know that she could schedule personal travel adventures between her assignments. That presented the chance to explore new places and cultures in cities she knew little about.

Support You Can Count On

Anders Group is big on work/life balance. They want their people to be diligent in their jobs, of course, and are always there to support them; but the company also encourages fun, adventure, discovery and making new friends and acquaintances along the way.

It was comforting to know that the Anders Group team was always available 24/7/365 to answer questions or just offer a welcome listening ear. Maggie discovered that being in a new, unfamiliar place can be a bit unsettling sometimes, but the Anders team always made her feel at home and connected.

Maggie was looking forward to her next assignment in Texas. It would be an 8-hour shift and offer enough time off to visit some of the amazing sites and take in some days at the beach.

All in all, Maggie was super excited that she signed up with Anders Group. It added an element of pleasure to work with the added bonus of fun and exploration. Maggie felt like she had found what she was looking for with Anders Group.

Benefits Above and Beyond

What surprised Maggie most of all was the incredible benefits beyond the great pay and travel. She knew that experience in different settings and various patient populations would offer great learning experiences. Not to mention gaining new treatment techniques. That was all a giant part of her desire for professional development and she found it with Anders Group.

Personal development was also another great perk. With the chance to explore new interests and cultural experiences, along with meeting other colleagues, Maggie knew it would expand her perspective on many levels.

Add to all of that, the fact that Anders Group travel jobs offer such competitive salaries and potential for tax benefits, it only reinforces Maggie’s decision as the perfect one for her.

Maggie’s story is a compelling example of what can happen when you decide to embark on a career move that holds the potential to transform how, where, and when you work.

Travel Therapists Prefer Anders Group

Anders Group continues to be a preferred choice of travel healthcare professionals and Maggie’s story gives a clear picture of how exciting it can be. Anders Group is firmly committed to supporting and guiding aspiring travel therapists, helping reach beyond average to high levels of achievement. 

It’s important to know that you always have options. There are many ways to arrive at the same goal. The question to ask yourself is: How will I get there on my own or would it be more fun, exciting, and rewarding to have the help of committed people like those at Anders Group?

Become a Travel Therapist With Anders Group

Apply to an available position in the travel destination of your dreams. Your designated Anders Group Recruiter will reach out to you and match you with the right facilities based on your preferences, skills, and experience. Jump on board with Anders Group today! We’ll send you on an adventure!

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