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Exploring Golden Year Opportunities of Traveler Allied Health Jobs

Allied health travel jobs present a unique and exciting opportunity for those in the golden years of their career. These short-term roles encompass a variety of healthcare positions in Radiology, Cath Lab, and Laboratory specialties.

At Anders Group, we've helped countless late-career professionals find fulfilling and rewarding jobs as Travelers. In our experience, these positions appeal to those seeking flexibility, lucrative compensation, new experiences, and to be near family.

Read on to discover how these lucrative jobs offer personal and professional fulfillment for those in the later stages of their career.

The Allure of Traveler Allied Health Jobs

One of the most attractive aspects of allied health travel jobs is the freedom to work nationwide. Healthcare professionals can select assignments that range from vibrant cities to peaceful rural settings. This variety allows them to experience different parts of the country they would not usually see.

These roles typically offer excellent compensation packages that are often higher than permanent positions. Benefits include competitive salaries, housing allowances, and travel reimbursements. This makes them financially appealing for those looking to boost their income later in their career.

Anders Group takes it one step further by including day-one healthcare and dental benefits. You won’t have to wait the usual 30, 60, or 90 days to access these essential services. This means you can prioritize your well-being from the beginning of your employment journey.

Allied Health Professions Best Suited for Travel

Many late-career healthcare professionals tell us they love knowing their skills make a difference. Whether it’s something super technical like ventilator work, leadership know-how like conflict mediation, or cultural experience - using their unique capabilities gives meaning to their work.

Travel jobs allow experienced professionals to use their hard-earned skills where those skills are needed most. They bring specialty capabilities and wisdom that new graduates have not developed yet. Facilities get help filling experience gaps that impact patient care.

We hear pride and a sense of accomplishment when a 25-year Tech shares their ventilator protocol experience with rural hospital teams lacking seasoned staff.

Planning Your Career Path

Strategically choosing assignments based on personal and professional priorities can help Travelers plan a fulfilling career journey. Candidates should consider short- and long-term goals annually to create the optimal blend.

For example, you may want to spend winter months closer to family back East before taking a summer assignment out West by the ocean. Or, if you want a leadership role, you may seek out hospitals where you can mentor junior staff.

Maintaining Work-Life Balance on the Road

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial, especially when on the road. Regular exercise, eating healthy foods, and getting enough rest are essential. Using these strategies helps properly manage stress and fatigue.

Establishing a routine can provide stability and comfort while traveling. This may include setting regular work hours, engaging in hobbies, or maintaining a consistent communication schedule with family and friends. Using downtime effectively for personal enjoyment and exploration is a key benefit of allied health travel jobs. 

Staying Connected with Loved Ones

The Travelers we work with tell us that staying connected to family and friends helps them avoid feeling lonely on assignments. Even when they're apart, nurturing those bonds by regularly checking in provides an immense psychological benefit.  

Modern technology makes staying in touch across any distance effortless. Video calls, texting, social posts - these tools can preserve close relationships while on assignments away from home.

Travelers will often strategically choose locations close to their family and friends or places they have always wanted to explore together. Planning activities or small get-togethers during off days or weekends strengthens bonds and provides much-needed relaxation and recreation. 

The Anders Group Difference

Many staffing agencies view talented traveling healthcare workers as commodities instead of human beings with unique needs. These companies only exist to match traveler credentials to facility openings while maximizing profits.

They don’t care if the job or location matches well with the person. It’s a numbers game; the more healthcare professionals they can place in a job, the more money the company makes. This approach leaves many travelers feeling unhappy, burnt out, and unable to thrive personally or professionally. 

At Anders Group, we started our healthcare job placement agency with a people-first philosophy. We went in the complete opposite direction when the overall industry began to resemble a production line.

Our recruiters take the time to get to know each Traveler. We match them with facilities based on their skills, interests, and preferences - not just filling an open position. We check in regularly to ensure Travelers are satisfied and provide support if issues arise. 

Our efforts and approach have paid off. The Travelers we place report extremely high career and personal satisfaction. In fact, the majority of our current Travelers are either on their next assignment with us or are referrals from our happy Travelers. This leads to improved patient healthcare and Travelers returning to us after their job assignment ends. We believe that when you invest in the person, everyone wins.

Realizing the Rewarding Potential of Allied Health Travel 

Allied health travel jobs offer a unique combination of financial rewards, flexibility, and the opportunity for personal growth and adventure. These roles are particularly suited for late-career professionals looking to enrich their golden years. 

At Anders Group, we take great pride in guiding seasoned talent toward rewarding allied health travel opportunities. Caring recruiters work closely with each traveler to understand their skills, needs, and aspirations. We empower late-career professionals to embark on fulfilling journeys through allied health travel work.

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