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Rewards of Rethinking Retirement: How Henry Became an Allied Health Traveler

Just when you think it’s time to slow down you can experience exciting travel and choose your preferred work location.

A very skilled allied health professional, Henry had been considering traveling, but he still wanted an income source to live comfortably. He loved his work as a Cardiovascular Technologist, but realized he wanted to take time to explore while he still could. His permanent job had become rather uninspiring and the idea of being an allied health traveler appealed to him. Being able to work in different locations and receive above average pay would allow him to travel to new assignments in different cities.

Henry was a little concerned whether he could easily adapt to new environments at his later career stage. He was definitely excited about learning new technologies and procedures. To help resolve some of his questions he decided to move forward and get in touch with other allied health professionals who had left permanent positions to travel and work. 

Henry reached out to allied health travelers who were familiar with Anders Group to learn more about the work/travel concept. He learned that being an allied health traveler with Anders had more benefits than he realized, such as medical/dental/vision/life and liability Insurance from day one of signing on, travel reimbursements, and tax-free per diems.

Some of the comments Henry heard from the people he spoke with were spot on with his interest in becoming a traveling allied health professional:

“ Once I started traveling for work, I never left. That was 5 years ago and I still love it.”

“Higher pay scale and great benefits are life changing.”

“Meeting new people and making new friends is so much fun.”

“The opportunity to experience new cities and cultures is inspiring.”

Henry had worked as a Cardiovascular Technologist for 10 years and because of his extensive skills he had the opportunity to work where the demand was strongest. Several family members lived in Texas and Oklahoma and he wanted to work nearby if possible so he could visit often. Fortunately, his luck paid off as there were several assignments available in both states. Besides, Henry had an interest in the history and cowboy culture of the area. 

After reviewing several websites for allied health travel jobs, Henry decided to work with Anders Group. He was impressed by the people he spoke with and encouraged by some of the experienced Anders Group travelers, some of whom, like himself, chose not to retire but rather continue to work and travel.

Henry didn’t really want to retire but he wanted to do more. He got excited about the chance to travel, see new sites, learn new procedures, and maintain a healthy income stream. He felt a renewed sense of purpose and looked forward to getting his first assignment with Anders Group which was in Texas -- just what he had hoped for.

The strongest takeaway from Henry’s story: don’t give up on starting something new just because it seems like it’s time to retire. There’s no ironclad rule about when you should retire. Just as Henry discovered, it’s a very personal decision that can open exciting, new discoveries if you know what you want to achieve and where to find it.

Remember, pursuing your ‘bucket list’ can be more fun than ever if you’re able to do so while you continue to do the work you find gratifying and be compensated extremely well. Anders Group offers the option to continue growing, learn new procedures and technologies, meet other professionals and make new friends, all the while earning great pay, visiting family and friends, and seeing places you’ve never seen before.

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