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It’s Not Too Late to Refresh your Allied Healthcare Career

Emily, a healthcare professional, assisting a patient with care.

Especially if you work with the best travel healthcare company in the industry – Anders Group

There’s a growing demand for seasoned allied healthcare professionals, so why even consider retiring when you could have an exciting career refresh. Travel Allied Healthcare professionals are discovering the second act of their career is more inspiring than ever. Take, for instance, the story of Emily Madison, an experienced occupational therapist who decided retiring was just not enough for her.

Emily loved her job in occupational therapy because it gave her the chance to help people get back to doing the things they loved, whether it was work, grand kids, or gardening. Emily wasn’t ready to give up her connection with people which was the highlight of her career. A natural people-person, she wanted to continue doing what she was good at, so when the opportunity came up to work and travel, Emily decided on a career refresh.

If she was able to work and travel, helping people wherever her assignment took her, she wanted to know more about it. Besides, the fact that the pay is incredibly generous was another attractive option.

When Emily reached out to several healthcare travel groups she quickly realized that one stood out from the crowd – Anders Group. The staff was so supportive it made her feel like she was in the best place for making a positive change in her career and in her life. Since the kids were grown and she lived alone, why not step up the pace and go for a refreshing change, such as traveling while doing the work she loved. New places, new people, new facilities – what an adventure!

Continued Professional Growth

Emily was impressed by the opportunities at Anders Group for continued professional growth. She had always loved learning new procedures and healthcare methods. Traveling to various healthcare facilities offered the chance to expand her skillset and collaborate with diverse teams of other experienced individuals.

Financial Advantages

Although Emily had a healthy savings account she was still intrigued by the financial advantages offered at Anders Group. Not only a great salary, but also the remarkable benefits package with full coverage from the first day you sign up. For those in need of financial planning assistance, they also have programs for that as well.

Personal Fulfillment

It was always a goal of Emily’s to achieve a healthier work-life balance. In her traditional job over the many years of her career, she often felt overworked and under-appreciated. As a Travel Healthcare worker with Anders Group, she would have more flexible schedules and travel opportunities to see places she had never been. She was drawn to the idea of balance in her life and this seemed a viable solution. She also saw potential for personal growth and self-discovery through her diverse travel experiences.

Exploring New Experiences and Challenges

Emily’s friends asked her if she was nervous about setting off in a new direction, but although she might have felt a little nervous, it was actually more excitement than worry. Also, the Anders Group staff were so supportive and gave her the assurance she needed to feel confident in her role, no matter how it might change.

The thought of working at facilities with very different methods and procedures from what she was familiar with was a little worrisome for Emily. But Anders Group has an in-house Clinical Liaison  who is always available to answer challenging questions or unfamiliar steps that arise. This made her feel comfortable in knowing she was never alone. Anders Group seemed to have what she wanted and then some. 

Why Choose Anders Group?

Anders Group is proud to have a diverse range of individuals who have embraced the travel healthcare career path and most of them will say how much it has inspired them, both professionally and personally. Here are few reasons people love Anders Group:

“For 10 years I worked in traditional healthcare. Becoming a Healthcare Traveler with Anders Group showed me a better way to work and make more money!”

“I’m so glad I gave up the idea of retiring! Travel Healthcare gave me new inspiration!”

“I had always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and once I started with Anders Group, I finally got my wish. That just motivated me to keep traveling.”

Forget Retiring. Be Inspiring!

Why would you consider retiring when you can be inspiring and inspired! Travel Allied Healthcare is an inspiring career path at any age, but for seasoned, experienced healthcare professionals who have so much to offer, it’s even more. It’s a career and a life refresh that offers excitement, discovery, exploration, and a wealth of challenges and rewards.

Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about your goals and where you would like to work. There are lots of choices and Anders Group has exciting assignments throughout the country. Visit our Job Board and find your ideal travel assignment. Get ready for your career refresh and hit the road with Anders Group!

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