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Become a Travel Occupational Therapist

Image showing an occupational therapist engaged in therapy with a patient, illustrating the concept of becoming a travel occupational therapist.

Join Anders Group and do the work you love with the freedom to choose where

You really enjoy your job as an Occupational Therapist, but sometimes you wish for more flexibility, freedom, and adventure. Traveling is appealing, but there’s little time to travel when you work a permanent job helping people recover from injuries and getting back to good health. But, what if there was a way to have the best of both worlds?

Well, there is a way when you become a Travel Occupational Therapist with Anders Group.

Traditional Occupational Therapist (OT) jobs can become so routine that you find yourself increasingly less motivated. You enjoy the work of helping people and you want the financial security a permanent job offers, along with opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

We get it! While a permanent job has its benefits, being an Anders Group Traveler Occupational Therapists (OT) gives you the opportunity to visit and experience many different desired locations while receiving a very healthy paycheck. Having the flexibility to enjoy adventures of your own choosing is a stimulating bonus and one that you won’t find everywhere. 

Anders Group is about so much more than just travel, although the travel options are extremely appealing. We offer a proven formula for career advancement, higher than average pay, and a chance to gain valuable experience with the latest technology. 

Does your current job offer you these 5 benefits? 

  • Travel. 
  • Personal Growth. 
  • Career Advancement. 
  • Financial Rewards. 
  • Adventure.

If not, what are you waiting for?

Beyond the Walls of a Permanent Role

Comparing the travel OT lifestyle with the four walls of your permanent job leaves little doubt which one offers the most adventure. As an Anders Group Travel OT, you have the opportunity to explore a wide range of new healthcare facilities, broaden your therapeutic skill set, meet other OT professionals from across the country, and visit new and exciting places you have never experienced.

When you can do the work you enjoy and earn a highly competitive salary, you’re fortunate indeed; but when you add to that the generous medical/dental/vision/life benefits and housing stipends that you get from day one with Anders Group, you will realize that you have arrived at a high point in your career.

Maybe it’s time to break free from those confining walls of permanence and see more of the world!

Where Do You Want to Go?

Working with Anders Group gives you the chance to explore the entire United States: From bustling cities to coastal havens; scenic mountain towns to vibrant urban locales; places you’ve dreamed about and always wanted to visit.

Whether you’re intrigued by historical sites that offer a step back in history or the pastoral setting of a mountain village where a sense of community thrives, there’s always another place on the map to amplify your cultural perspective. The U.S. is a big country with even bigger opportunities for Travel OTs.

There are many advantages to being a Travel OT. Travel broadens your perspective by introducing you to new procedures and techniques that enhance your professional development. Collaborating with diverse healthcare teams at a variety of healthcare facilities, and treating patients who require different therapies are just some of the opportunities you can enjoy in your Travel OT journey.

Because you get to choose your assignments that align with your specific therapeutic skills and interest, you have a major say in where you want to go next. Our dedicated Anders Group staff are always on hand -24/7/365 - to guide you, answer your questions, and suggest recommendations.

You Can Make the Difference

As a Travel OT, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact on patients who are in need of your OT skills. When healthcare facilities face staff shortages or have new facility openings, the patients pay the price of waiting until therapists are on hand to care for them. That means that your presence can make a huge difference to patients who need immediate care. It’s a gratifying part of your Travel OT experience to know you are stepping in to help people who count on your expertise.

Getting Started with Anders Group

Whether you’re new to occupational therapy or have years of experience, you will likely have a few questions. The best way to get clear answers is to get in touch with us at Anders Group to clarify exactly what you want. It’s the best way to identify where your skills can be applied and to  understand the extensive benefits and travel options included when you become a Travel OT with us.

Feel free to access our Traveler Essentials which offers free downloadable content for positions that include therapists and other allied health professionals. It’s a helpful guide for managing travel and more. 

As a skilled occupational therapist, you can empower patients to have fulfilling lives and participate actively in their chosen activities, despite any physical or cognitive challenges they may face. That’s an important job that is greatly needed in healthcare facilities across the U.S. Launch your Travel OT Journey and find your preferred assignment today!

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