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Celebrate Nurses Week by Traveling the US as a Nurse

Image of male nurse Charles assisting a patient in a hospital setting, representing the blog 'Celebrate Nurses Week by Traveling the US as a Nurse

Charles discovered the rewards, freedom, and excitement of being a travel nurse.

May 6th marks the kick-off of National Nurses Week, a time to celebrate the incredible dedication and skill of nurses across the globe. Whether you're a seasoned travel nurse or just starting your adventures, this week will be the perfect opportunity to reflect on the amazing impact Nurses have on patients' lives and the healthcare system as a whole. With that in mind, we’d like to share an adventure of a travel nurse, Charles, an experienced RN.

Charles had a yearning to do more than just work and come home. That’s when he started thinking about adding some excitement to his career by becoming a Travel Nurse. Charles found that being a Travel Nurse was a chance for the adventure he’d been missing out on.

Before making a final decision about travel nursing, Charles spoke with colleagues and did some online research. He learned there were many differences in what travel healthcare companies had to offer. After several weeks of searching and asking lots of questions, Charles decided his best path forward for a travel nursing career was with Anders Group.

He liked the fact that he had options about where he wanted to work, which gave him the freedom to visit places he’d never been. The perks with Anders Group were above and beyond average and the pay scale was decidedly very generous.

Charles’ Journey of Discovery 

Many nurses are proud of their dedication and career as an RN and Charles was proud of his unwavering commitment and passion to care for patients. But he had a persistent desire for more growth, both professionally and personally. He wanted to know more about new technologies and medical procedures that were being used and he believed Anders Group was an ideal path to get real-time access.

He also wanted to spread his wings and see more of the world, something he had not been able to do before. Now he had the opportunity to break free from a routine and explore new possibilities. Travel nursing with Anders Group seemed like the perfect solution for Charles, in more ways than one.

Charles felt a little apprehensive at first about stepping out of his comfort zone. As a travel nurse, he would have to be open to new ways of doing things, embracing uncertainty as he pursued a different, somewhat unfamiliar career path.

What he realized after signing on with Anders Group was how they made the transition so comfortable that he never felt uneasy in his new role. The Anders Group Team were always just a phone call, email, or text away no matter what time of day or night. No problem was too large or a question too difficult for them to handle.

In the past, Charles had to be sure his employment provided medical and dental coverage for his kids as they grew up. Now that they were grown, he had only himself to look out for. With Anders Group, he was assured of consistent, generous benefits from day one. It didn’t matter what cities he traveled to for work assignments, he was fully covered. 

Beyond the traditional benefits, Anders Group also provides tax-free stipends and reimbursement for travel. Charles liked the fact that licenses and associated fees were reimbursable, including license renewal. If he got a new license while working with Anders Group it was also reimbursable. 

Professional Enrichment

Anders Group allowed Charles to connect with other nurses in diverse healthcare settings throughout various locations where he was assigned. It provided a tremendous opportunity to expand his skills and knowledge base. Charles felt there was always something new to learn that would strengthen his career objectives.

Networking is encouraged at Anders Group and Charles liked the idea of being able to attend industry conferences and events and meeting other travelers and healthcare professionals. 

Joining forums and online groups was another great way to discuss industry-related topics with like-minded professionals. Also, he found that using social media platforms like LinkedIn was a powerful tool for networking. 

Anders Group also provides free downloadable content on their website called Traveler Essentials which helps manage details of traveling.

Control and Flexibility

Charles really enjoyed feeling he had control and flexibility to choose assignments that aligned with his preferences. It gave him control over his schedule and location. He could plan his time between assignments in order to have vacation time or simply time off to visit family and friends. Depending on the location of this assignment, sometimes work and time off could coincide, a real convenience especially during holidays and birthdays.

Built-in Adventure 

Working as a Travel Nurse with Anders Group offered the unique opportunity for Charles to have ‘built-in adventure’. On assignment to various locations, Charles could explore new cultures, meet new friends and colleagues, and create lasting memories that would enrich his life on many levels.

All in all, Charles felt a sense of gratitude that he had found more than he could have imagined when he chose travel nursing with Anders Group. He had this to share:

“When I started out, considering a travel nurse career, I had no idea it could be so much fun. It’s gratifying on a professional level beyond words and the added excitement of travel makes it wonderfully exciting. I am committed to a travel career in nursing. Thank you Anders Group!”

While National Nurses Week is a time to celebrate your dedication, have you considered how travel nursing can take your career to exciting new heights? Just like Charles, you too can join the thousands of happy travel nurses and embark on a journey of self-discovery, explore new opportunities, and earn a generous salary and benefits package. Anders Group makes it easy with their streamlined application process and ongoing guidance. Take the first step and discover how travel nursing can transform your career – and celebrate National Nurses Week with an adventure!

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