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Maria's Journey To Freedom, Income And Connection

Maria had reached a transitional point in her career. After decades as a physical therapist, she wanted to balance reliable retirement income with more freedom to visit family and friends and see the country.  

As she reflected on her many years as a dedicated physical therapist, Maria felt immense pride in helping countless patients regain mobility and manage chronic conditions. Yet recently, she started to yearn for more variety and flexibility. 

Read on to learn how Maria found her late-career calling as an Allied Health Traveler.

The Quest for Sustainable Income in Late Career

Financial planning for retirement was crucial for Maria. She had diligently built her nest egg over the years but needed an ongoing income to maintain her lifestyle. The travel expenses to visit far-flung family and friends also weighed heavily in her considerations about late-career options.

Maria realized that her retirement income needed more than just a safety net. It was about maintaining the quality of life she had worked hard to achieve. She considered various career paths that could offer financial rewards and personal satisfaction. An allied health travel job provided the flexibility to work, travel, and save up for retirement.

Maria’s Motivations for Change

Though Maria harbored great pride in her abundant clinical expertise, working many years in the same hospital setting had become draining. She felt an increasing desire to discover new locations and encounter new people - hoping to renew her energy both personally and professionally in this late stage of her career.

Additionally, Maria yearned to visit her siblings, children, and lifelong friends who lived around the country more often. Her previous job's limited vacation allowance took a toll on those relationships. Having the ability to work for a few months at a stretch in different geographical areas allowed her to spend time with those who mattered most.

The Allure of Allied Health Travel Jobs

Allied health encompasses a broad range of disciplines beyond across the healthcare spectrum. This vital sector comprises physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, radiology, technicians, and more. It’s projected to see dramatic growth in the coming years.

As demand rises, but staffing shortages persist, temporary travel positions allow allied health workers to fill urgent needs while enjoying flexibility and often enhanced pay. Maria recognized Allied Health presented a unique travel job potential offering:

  • Highly attractive hourly rates and benefits - allowing seasoned therapists like Maria to accrue income needed for retirement rapidly. 
  • Freedom to explore new locations paired with her seasoned clinical skills
  • Expanded clinical skills from working in diverse healthcare settings with varied patient populations
  • Fulfilling work balanced with quality time to visit loved ones across the country

At Anders Group, we’ve helped countless professionals like Maria find lucrative and fulfilling jobs in traveling allied healthcare. What sets us apart from other employment agencies is that we treat each traveler as an individual—instead of a number. Our caring recruiters take the time to get to know each person so they can do whatever it takes to ensure their happiness.

Mapping the Journey: Traveling to Connect

Allied health travel jobs presented the perfect avenue for Maria to connect with loved ones frequently. Condensed 8-13 week contracts allowed quality time off between assignments. Maria dreamed of flying to see her niece’s new twins in Massachusetts, visiting her college roommate in Colorado, hiking with her son out West, and more during her travels.

The flexibility of allied health roles meant Maria could thoughtfully map routes that periodically brought her back to family and long-time friends. She heard many stories of other travel therapists affirming these special bonds while exploring exciting new destinations. Prioritizing relationships and wellness while working in allied health promised to be deeply fulfilling.

Navigating the Application Process

The Anders Group recruiter walked Maria through the process and made himself available to answer any questions she had. He identified several promising openings that suited her skills, such as an outpatient facility near her niece that needed a therapist with her orthopedic expertise.

The recruiter's expertise in the allied health travel industry opened her eyes to aspects of her career she hadn't considered before. He showed her how to leverage her experience and skills in ways that made her more attractive to potential employers. 

This boosted her confidence and broadened her understanding of the opportunities available in this field. Thanks to the support and insights from the recruiter, Maria felt more equipped and ready to embark on this new journey.

Embark Upon an Exciting and Rewarding Career Path Today!

Maria's story is a testament to the endless possibilities that await those willing to explore new horizons, especially in the later stages of their career.  Her journey offered her the financial stability and flexibility she sought and enriched her life with new experiences and connections.

At Anders Group, we put our Travelers first. While many other agencies focus on the numbers, our priority is the personal and professional well-being of each individual we work with. Our recruiters strive to build lasting relationships and provide unwavering support for each individual we serve.

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